Sulphur,OK Walmart while shopping I hear the assistant manager rudely ordering around a young male worker and when the worker walked away to do what he was told to do The assis manager said loudly that little *** is getting on my nerves! I think the *** manager was Tim won't swear to that but as a customer I was ashamed to be shopping there and I felt horrible for that young man I hope he finds better employment nobody should be treated like that I only wish this town was bigger so I wouldn't have to use Walmart this was sad

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Findlay, Ohio, United States #827722

I get being mad about the f word, if that's what they really said (it's easy to misunderstand when you're eavesdropping in a loud environment) but as far as ordering the associate around, it is management job to delegate work which could be misconstued as ordering someone around. Maybe itwwasn't the first time they had assigned this task to this person so they were short with them.


Is there any reason at all that you have to shop at WalMart, is it the ONLY store in town? Furthermore when you are shopping you should be concentrating on that instead of what employees are saying. You also have no idea what had went on before the conversation that you allegedly overheard.

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