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I bought milk for my daughter on Tuesday, 1/13/15, and we gave her a bottle of it on 1/14/15 in the morning, and about 30 minutes later she starts throwing up everywhere. I was told to get the milk, and the wife smelled it and said that it was rotten.

She asks me to get the other gallon of milk, and it was rotten too. The date on the milk was 1/27/15, and as soon as I bought the milk, I brought it home.

I live 5 minutes away. Why did they sell milk that was bad and probably left out for longer than 4 hours and made my daughter sick.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Pay the doctor's bill and lost wages..

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i am a walmart cashier and it is not our job as a cashier to put the milk back we are too busy on the register. the one who is responsible is the CSM which we put 248 action code and they take forever to come and the situation with the cashier selling you bad milk umm yeah she should had told you its been there for awhile but then again she might just got there.

also you did say you didn't feel like going to get a milk and just picked that one so you should blame yourself for being lazy. and you forgot to put the milk in the fridge .

you should always remember to put milk in the fridge its just common sense. :)


You are a! Milk doesnt instantly go bad when it sits out for a couple of minutes! You are a typical Walmart piece of!


Things like that can happen, sometimes it is caused by the weather. That reason could be an old wives tale, but I am 74 years old and have heard that all my life, plus I have also had milk turn sour, because of various weather conditions.

The milk isn't rotten, it is sour. The store has no way of knowing that they are selling sour milk, and they also have no way of knowing where it has been before it gets delivered to the store. I have had the same experience from all types of stores, it doesn't just happen with WalMart. Were you smart enough to take the milk and receipt back to the store or are you just sitting around complaining.

I have seen people walk into the store with various food products and the receipt to return them. IF your daughter is young enough to be on the bottle she wasn't throwing up all over and she wasn't actually sick. More than likely she "spit up" because it didn't agree with her.

I bet she didn't have a temperature or anything else. Actually can you prove that the milk got refrigerated as soon as you got home with it, or for that matter you went home immediately after buying it?


You sound like the manager making excuses of why the milk was spoiled. I made the foolish mistake of admitting that I forgot to get the milk for my daughter and that we got one that someone left at the checkouts.

There was a long line up and I did not want to get out of line and get back in again. The cashier saw me pick up the milk from the checkouts and did not inform me that it was probably there for four or so hours. I then confronted the cashier and told her she sold me bad milk and it made my daughter sick. She denied it and I was not going to let her lie so i refused to leave.

The manager came and asked what the problem was. When I explained to him that the cashier saw me pick up the milk that was left on the counter and did not warn me how long it was there. She lied to him as well. He told me to leave the store.

I refused until the cashier apologized for lying but he threatened to call security if I did not leave the store. A man with a young boy told me to calm down. I told him to mind his own business or I would punch his son in the face.

This is when they threatened to call 911 if I did not leave.


You are a coward, you are angry at the father and you threaten to punch his son. You should be glad they threatened to call 911 which forced you to leave because I am sure as a parent the father would have pounded the sh1t out of you, and legally he can get away with it since he is just protecting his son.


Oh wow OP you are so the typical Wally World shopper. You totally deserve it for being lazy and picking up milk that you didn't know could be sitting out for hours instead of going back to get a fresh one.

Why would you threaten to punch an innocent boy in the face?

So trashy. You definitely don't deserve kids.


Also you illiterate old woman where does it say I put the milk in the fridge when I got home. I forgot to put it in the fridge, however the night temperature is cooler so there should not be the problem.

The problem was that the cashier refused to inform me that the milk was by the register for more than a couple of minutes. I thought it was okay because it still felt cold. Learn how do read you silly girl.

I guess your old age i making you senile, better have your doctor check you out. You are seeing things, that is not a good sign at all.


No, that's far from the problem. That woman you were talking down to is obviously a sensible customer.

More sensible than you at least. You sound like the typical *** customer that doesn't check what they pick up. When you pick milk up you can feel whether it is cold or not. If the milk isn't cold then don't buy it.

Piece of cake, easy as pie. You got verbally abusive over your own stupidity. I do agree that milk should not be left out for so long, but she is only doing what she can do I assume.

I also agree that you can check the milk yourself before you make the choice to buy it. Buying is a choice, and so is being nice.