im so overly SICK of getting bad produce from this FM 78 Walmart Store!!!! I chose to get select Mini cucumbers at a high cost' NO PROBLEM!!!!

What is the problem is in one day they are molding ( that's inside the ref.) Only to often do I get very POOR produce in this store..... The selection is horrible!!!! I live across the street and felt this was my Store.....SAD to report I'm DONE!!!! You lost me as a customer and TRUST I was in the Store twice a day EVERY Day.....I've just gotten burnt out on spending money to toss in the garbage....I'm moving on over to The H.E.B store on 1604 I'd rather use more gas and get better quality than spend money to put in the garbage, then time and Gas money to honor your return policy.

I'm one disappointed Customer. Thank you for listen to my Complaint.....one Customer gone' no problem!!! Many people disappointed starts to show in $$$$$$$ for Walmart. I'm the public trust I hear what people are saying.

But you don't have to trust my word.

Have a great Afternoon I'm on my way to H.E.B. Beverly Almisbah 210-437-0003

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You know walmart has a satisfaction guarantee on their produce. If you're already there twice a day, get your money back for the spoiled produce. I've had to do it once or twice and they've been happy to oblige.