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I am a somewhat new person working at the 1552 srore in Salisbury, my experience at the deli made me cry. I was hungry for mashed potatoes for lunch and I went to the deli to get me some, I wasnt sure how it was sold and told the man working that I was hungry and wanted a lot of mashed potatoes, I had a big grin on my face and was happy.

The fellow, I do not know by name but we have passed in the store with vests on and I have seen him in the breakroom, he knew me. He told me to do the potato dance, delighted to be friends I did a jig and I thought we were getting along, however he became weirdly dark- natured and slopped the biggest clear container slap full and put a 5 dollar and some odd cents price label on it, I was stunned. I looked up at him and he was laughing at my hurtfulness , I came almost to tears, embarrassed I said, is itt too late to change order, he laughed in a way that told me he thought I was ridiculous. I was confused at this turn of events and just grabbed the container and paid for them at the self checkout.

So, I am outraged now and glad that the whole day is over, I had been treated badly and I know this person enjoyed seeing me hurt over his rough manner. I will never use the deli again and I think it would be a good idea for anyone to think twice about eating anything this person comes near. The human race does not need this type of person handling our food.

The mean , sinister behavior of this person displayed a mental disorder of some kind that is marked with intentional harm to others. I really believe he needs medicine and it isnt because of my hurt feelings, I am a grown woman who has seen this kind of derelict before, so I am just wiping my conscience clean with this warning.

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LOL.........What kind of dance do you do when you have to go to the bathroom?


Ha HaFunny joke


This can not be real. People like this do not exist in nature, do they?

Let me get this straight.

This "woman" whom works at Wal-Mart asked for the largest container of mashed potatoes the Deli had. She received it while doing a "jig" to humiliate herself, and somehow this...is a complaint?

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