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I am a Disabled Veteran with an artificial leg and when i went to cash out at WalMart South, in Muncie, Indiana there was an empty cart in front of me. I ask the cashier where the customer was.

Her reply, "he went around the corner to get something else". I waited and then i back my cart up, the cashier said. "I am the only one open" I told her then she can put the items back on the shelf herself. Why should i have to wait in line while someone does more shopping????

I left the cart (probably over $100 in items mostly food in my cart) in the isle and on my way out, i told the door checker that i left a cart full of items that she could put away and went to Meijer. She should have told the customer to cash out and then go get what ever else he wanted.

I for one will not shop at WalMart anymore. I will go to my local Meijer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Allowing partial shopping and continue.

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The cashiers are typically not "empowered" to tell the customer to get out of the line until they are ready. They will get in trouble with management.

If I'm in line and the customer ahead of me wants to go get something, I politely ask them "Excuse me but everyone in line here is in a hurry. Could you please finish cashing out now?" It usually shames the customer into doing the right thing.

Also, we don't care if you are a disabled vet.

It's irrelevant. Trying to play that card irritates the *** out of us.


I understand your aggregation. Waiting a minute should not be a problem.

But several minutes is beyond common sense for someone to make a line wait.

It's happened to me - more than once - not just WM!.

The cashier is at the mercy of that customer. It's not there fault, or the stores fault.

The proper thing to do: Rather than make the line wait...

pay, then go back to get the item(s) & stand in line again. But, then it's easier to make others wait for their mistakes.


You clearly didn't learn anything in the service about putting others before yourself. What a selfish pig you are for leaving all of that work for that associate. Sometimes in life you have to WAIT, why is that so difficult to understand???


Typical Veteran self entitlment. You sir make all other vets CRINGE with YOUR attitude.

So someone ran back to grab something they forgot, are YOU mad that YOU cant run?? What gives YOU the right to not only make a FOOL of yourself but to THEN punish the employees WHO HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SITUATION!!!! You deserve a nice fat kick in the pants sir. YOU shame yourself AND your branch by acting as you have.

YOU owe THEM an apology for YOUR *** attitude. Im betting YOU would complain for ANY reason simply because your life NEEDS the extra drama.

The vets in my family would NEVER set themselves ABOVE the people they have served. THEY see themselves as protectors of the American way and sometime that way involves WAITING!!!!!


Why must you act like this, OP?


Another example of someone throwing a fit because they have to wait in line like the rest of the world. I for one would be glad you left and my hope would be that you never came back.


So you punished the company by making more work for the minimum wage workers. Great!