Ebensburg, Pennsylvania

Last Tuesday 7-29-14 around 7:30 pm I went to the Ebensburg Pa store to buy a portable DVD player for my Van my family and I were taking a trip and leaving early the next morning and we needed this player for my 9 month old grand-daughter, I went back to the entertainment Dept and there was a guy there putting back other items I ask if they had any DVD players for my car he pointed to a case I told him I would like to buy one he again pointed to the case they were in so I thought he was getting a key for the case but after a few minutes I walked up to the counter and waited there for 10 to 15 minutes another worker came passed and I ask her if she could help she stated "not my department" so I walked up t the service desk and that wasn't easy I just had foot surgery and was in a cast the lady at the service desk said she would get someone so I walked back, I waited maybe another 10 minutes and the first person that showed me the case was pushing a cart by and ask if I needed something I said yes I want the DVD player he said someone would be right back to help another 5 minutes went by so I walked back up to the service desk and again the lady said she would try to find someone, I ended up leaving with out anything, Not very happy!

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why does it matter you had a surgery? poor you.

i guess you should get a wheel chair. and needed a dvd player? really. give the kid a *** toy or talk.

yes the employs should of got someone.

bad training not to know to tell the manger or who is in charge of the department (yes a human needs to be taught such things) than you could of informed management about it. but no you got mad and left.


you are not very nice maybe some day you will need help after having surgery and it is EMPLOYEES NOT EMPLOYS that's not even a word. This store does have many nasty employees that treat customer badly. I have had personally a few bad encounters their and I am NOT a walmart shopper and my feeling of them are reinforced nearly every time there maybe once a month.


"Not my job" is the slogan for wallyworld. they train the employees to say it.

"Not my job" and who's job is it!!

dont ask because it is also "Not my job" to know who's job it is.


They train people to say "Its not my job"??? Thats about the dumbest comment Ive ever heard.

However, I do agree that no customer should have to continuously run all over the store trying to get help.

Management should have been called to find out why there were no HELPFUL employees. Instead of pointing to the case, the employee should have either went to get the key or located someone with the key to help the customer without having them stand around waiting for all that time.


This is exactly the point of my review, you ***, it is someone's job and if your manager trains you to say not my job than you need to find another job because it is your job to help customers. Learn how to read okay.

My nine year old granddaughter can read better than you can.

PS they changed my review, my granddaughter is not nine months my granddaughter is nine years old. We are planning on going on a long trip now thanks to them I have to deal with a cranky nine year old going on a five hour trip because she will be bored and not entertained by the DVD player.


I can read just fine thanks. There must not be any other stores along your 5 hour long trip.

Sad that people can't talk to their children, give them a book to read or sing with them while on long trips. Maybe she gets cranky because of you.

Your whole attitude in the last comment shows a lot about your personality....not good. Have a lovely day and a nice trip.