Oak Lawn, Illinois
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Made the mistake to shop at walmart today. Lost my husband in the store and walked all over looking for him.

He had them make an anouncement to meet him but I couldn't understand it. This was done several times but I coudn't understand it. I went to the service desk to ask where to find him. I walked up to the desk and told them I just wanted to ask aquestion.

A customer started yelling at me and they said I had to wait in the line which I thought was ridicuilos

just to ask a question. They were rude to me an80 yr.

old woman. I will never shop at that store again until you hire some courteos friendly people there.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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At 80 years of age you should know how lines work. Just because you're old doesn't give you the right to break in front of others who have been waiting who might also have "just a question".


How were the employees rude to you, was it because the made you wait in line like everyone else? If so this is not rude.

Not allowing you to cut in line is not rude. But was it not a customer that said something to you, and what does being an 80 year old woman have to do with anything. The only reason you mentioned your age is to make it seem like you are more important because you are eighty. I don't see how the employee was rude to you, I see how the customer was rude to you.

Perhaps if you told the customers politely that you were just asking for your husband paged, she would not have gotten angry, but you seem to think you should get special privileges because of your age. It is not ridiculous to wait in line. Also is it okay for them to behave this way to someone who is in their 20's. The fact that you mentioned age makes me wonder if you think you are above everyone else.

I have no problem letting people in line if the want someone paged or if they want to request a code Adam because they lost their child, but cutting in line without explaining why is rude. It was you who was rude not anyone else and you seem to think that being an 80 year old woman is an excuse to be rude.


We learn in kindergarten that we not cut in line and must wait our turn, if you are old enough to be married should you not have learned this "ridiculous" lesson a long time ago. No wonder your husband wondered from you, he needed a break from your attitude.

I am surprised he is not filing for divorce. Being 80 years old does not exempt you from using manners. Also it was the customer that was rude to you not an employee.

You are a hypocrite, you complain that they were not courteous, however you were not courteous yourself when you cut in line. But you are 80 and you think the world owes you right?


Disagree anon. The lady is correct. You are horribly wrong and karma will visit it you for it.


Second anonymous. Karma already got to you because you areca ***. Tell your nana to put on her listening ears and wait in line like everyone else.


How is the lady correct, it should not matter how old she is, she should wait her turn, also why is she angry at Walmart when a customer put her in her place. The lady is not correct and obviously if you think she is correct you would do the same thing.

If Karma visits me on that I get yelled at for trying to cut in line than I deserve it. This lady lacks manners and class.