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first off the claim of matching competitor prices on in-store items is fraudulent,in the fact that most of their items are only accessible online.like for instance i wear a 34 waist 36 length pants.now go check and see how often 34 w 36 l pants are on the in store shelves ready for me to try on and purchase.

several times this has happened.now returns.i recently purchased an xbox 360 from there,so being on fixed budget i put off buying games.i went 11-01-14 and bought wwe 2015 it worked fine.but i also purchased need for speed:rivals costed 39.88 plus tax i get it home and find out that to play the game i have to purchase a hard drive to play the game because it won't download on anything else to play the game.so i went back today to get an exchange or a refund.the customer service lady tells me the only thing she can do since the plastic wrap was opened is give me another copy of the same game with the same issue of needing a hard drive and that walmart couldn't do a cash refund.when i go to a store i don't appreciate someone basically calling me a scammer or insulting me or my intelligence.one i couldn't save to anything but the hard drive required,but they accused me of it. the game itself was deceptive as it should of had access to play and made the hd content the optional item or the xbox itself should of already had the hard drive included in it's purchase.i left the store very disappointed and angry.so angry i left the item there and will not be returning and don't suggest it to anyone else they are complete scammers.with the purchase of that non working game and the travel there twice i lost $64 for nothing

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Claim.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Being deceived and insulted.

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This actually isn't walmart policy, it's copyright laws being enforced. They weren't accusing you of anything, but unfortunately this is one of those instances where a few bad eggs have ruined it for everyone so they have to treat everyone the same. You shouldn't be mad that they refused to bend the rules just for you, you should be glad they are keeping prices down by discouraging the real scammers.


As far as the Need for Speed game every retailer uses the same retail policy on video games: You open it you bought it. All they can do is exchange it for the same title because it's very easy to bring a game home and rip a copy and the store has no way to know whether or not you did this, so EVERY store will only allow an exchange for the exact SAME game. It's been this way for years.


How do they know that you didn't download the game and now are trying to get your money back on the game? Once it is opened, it can only be exchanged for the exact same game.

It's the same as if you bought a book then wanted to return it a day or two later. You could just as easily took the book home, read it then try to return it for a full refund. Not going to happen. This is the policy at 99% of retail stores, not just Walmart.

policies are enforced for a reason. If people would stop trying to use the stores as merchandise loan shops, policies wouldn't have to be so strict.