I don't get why employees at Walmart all act the same!? When we have questions or stand right in front of their face to show them that we need help, they don't seem to care and continued talking to their colleague.

For instance, today my boyfriend and I decided to go to the Walmart on midway MN to make some house key copies, but no one was working at the desk. We waited for the past 5 mins, still no workers. Therefore, we decided to go look for an employee to help call someone that know that area to come help us, but instead the lady at the electronic desk ignored our question, she'd continued talking to her colleague that we had to asked twice to get her attention. When she turn around she kind of gave us an attitude saying,"what?" Is that how you handle a customer's question?

After telling her that we need someone to help us at the sports/fishing area, she said she will do that, but it's been 10 mins and no employee show up. We ended up waiting for another 15 mins hoping someone will come help us, but no one. It feel like she lied to us! It made me so mad that Walmart customer service is so bad that it pissed me off to the max!

In the end, I ended up not even purchasing anything because why would I want to buy anything from that store if no one is willing to do their job?! I think you guys need to work more on customer service or else there will be a lot of complaint and there will be unhappy customers.

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Some walmarts have great employees and some do not. I live between two walmarts one has the worst customer service and no employees to help in various departments the other just the opposite its like night and day. The bad one primarily employees messcans and the great one primarily employees Caucasian's, they care about their jobs and how they perceived while the messcans do not.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #672015

I never have problems at my WalMart, and I'm a once a week shopper,there. Maybe it is your attitude.

When I go to look for somebody to help me they will page somebody to that department.

But I always start out with "sir" or maam" which ever the case may be, then when I have their attention I proceed to ask the question I need to have answered. Improve your attitude, and you will more than likely receive better service.

Augusta, Georgia, United States #671815

Its hard to be pleasent when you make minimum wage and management treats you like ***.

to aprilmay #672217


Kansas City, Kansas, United States #671750

Any walmart is like that, I can't stand walmart!

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