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Shopping is never good. Lots of pricing missing on products.

More than half of clearance product is never priced. When I went to purchase fabric that was on clearance table . I was told I would have to go back to the department and have it cut to price... Why they didn't price it by how it was presented is false pricing.

No where were there signs to show that that's is how they wanted to sell it. And there was no way for me to read their minds.

Never did they offer to make it right. Nor did they act that they cared.

That how we sell it.

No apology. Just that *** look on there face.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You go to a bulk store, they sell food by the pound. They don't explain that, they expect you to use your head.

It you want one meter of fabric it may cost $2, for two meters it may cost $4. So unless they know what kind of fabric you want and how much you want they cannot price it. This is not false pricing, false pricing would be if something was on the shelf for $4 and it was sold say for $8. How are they supposed to make things light.

I swear the next generation just gets dumber and dumber. They did nothing wrong so you are not owed an apology.


Was this the first time you had ever purchased fabric? Fabric is sold by the yard, not the bolt.

If the bolt says, for example $1.99, that's $1.99 per yard, just like the fabric on the shelf that's not on clearance.

They don't expect you to be a mind reader, but since this is the way fabric is sold in every fabric department in every store in every city across the great united states, they probably expect that every adult would be able to work this out for themselves. As far as an offer to make it right, they told you how to correct YOUR mistake: go back to the department and have the fabric cut and priced.


Also why should the apologize just because you cannot use your head and think logically?


Not having the prices in not false pricing. Have mommy or daddy explain what this term means.

Also fabric is cut and sold by the meter, so they cannot price it if they don't know how much to charge you for, again this problem could have been avoided if mommy or daddy were shopping with you.

They expect you to use common sense and most places that sell fabric sell it by the meter, not their fault you cannot use common sense. Again if mommy or daddy were shopping with you they could explain this simple complex that even a four year old would understand to you.