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I went last Saturday with my family to buy a some new bed sheets for my youngest daughter. The staff and the manager acted so careless and uninterested to assist us.

I don't quite understand that kind of attitudes, we as customers are what keeps their jobs afloat. We did not buy anything at the end.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Pros: Sales.

Walmart Cons: Attitude to customers.

  • Bad Customer Experience
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You are shopping in a big box retail store. They don't have personal shoppers or anyone that assists you in making a decision on what product to purchase.

You simply go to the aisle with the sheets and look for the color and size you want, take them to the register, pay and leave. If you need someone to choose what sheets to buy, you are obviously shopping in the wrong store.


I agree. Also customers do not give them jobs, the company does.


Not quite correct. Customers make it possible for the stores to hire employees.

In the case of a big box discount store customers provide enough profits for the stores to be able to hire employees to stock the shelves but not enough to pay for a lot of sales people or personal shoppers.

Full priced retail stores make more profit on the products they sell and can afford to hire employees to hold a customers hand through their shopping experience. If a customer is looking for a lot of guidance in making their purchases they should avoid shopping at big box discount stores.


But losing one customer is not going to break the company. Do you know how many complaints Walmart gets?

Yet they are still in business. They are not going to go out of business anytime soon. For every irritated customer from Walmart going to Target there is a replacement of a Target Customer going to Walmart because of their bad experience.

Also if the OP knew how to read she would know exactly where the mattresses are.This woman is one customer, and quite frankly though Walmart has its issues, I would rather shop there then at Target. At least Walmart does not allow men to enter the women's washroom or fitting room because they feel that they were born the wrong gender and identify themselves as female.


If the customers cannot read simple signs to find their items they should get someone that can.Grown ups should be able to read signs and find the item easily.Just because the OP is stupid, does not mean that she should get more attention than the other customers.


if u want bad staff go to Walmart in liberty, texas. sorry no good store with lying customers and lazy door greeters.

I hope somebody puts a lawsuit on them. it would serve them right