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i bought a hisense sero 8 from walmart last summer the battery would not hole a charge and i left it on my dresser went to pick the tablet up and noticed that the tablet was puffed up and looked like it was about ready to blow up i set the tablet back down and the back of it blew off and the shattered the screen so i paid 130$ at walmart for a piece of junk tablet that didnt even last a year will not get android again will get ipad from another store dont get one its a waste of money

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

  • Right After Waranty Was Up Quit
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A) I don't really see how this is a Wal-Mart issue

B) You say how you'll never buy an android again but this isn't really a.m. android issue, this is a hardware issue which would mean hisense. Android is just the software it is running and has nothing to do with the battery exploding.