Raleigh, North Carolina

The bakery inside Walmart, 1550 Skibo Rd Fay NC, is by far one of the rudes businesses in the area

the lead smells like alcohol first thing in the morning. Worker with long finger-nails decorating the cakes

is that even sanitary, with the chemical used to put them on. The lead and head cake decorator need to

be goned. Fired or placed elsewhere in the store. New people with better attitude should be greeting

the walmart customer. I know the Head Management at this walmart will not act. But this need to be

said. Interview any one that been fired, quit or move to another position in the store, and listen to the real stories.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cake.

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This doesn't sound like a place thats healthy

and sanitary, let along Clean.


Why would you place these people in another position in the store, FIRE THEM.


I can do either job, Walmart needs to hirer from within. Post the two inhouse I am waiting.