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The evening of Saturday, 06/11/11 we went for our shopping at the Walmart #5480 in Round Rock, TX. We got there at approximately 7 pm and we were in the store for approximately an hour. We got up front to check out at approximately 8 pm and found out other than self check outs and one or two quick checks out open, there was only one regular check out and the cigarette register open for customers with a large amount of items. We waited in line for approximately 45 minutes to buy our items. In this time we saw two different families leave their baskets and walk out of the store because of the wait. I asked the lady at the quick check out once to call a manager and the lady at the customer service desk to call a manager twice, which they did over the intercom. No manager showed up. When it was our turn to check out we asked the cashier at the register to please call a manager, which she did over the intercom for him to come to the registered. CSS Amanda came instead. We told her that we have been waiting in line for approximately 45 minutes, that they had people walking out and leaving baskets of groceries because of the wait, and that we had asked for a manager four times already and one had not come up. She then called the manager over the two-way radio and said that there was a customer who wanted to speak with him. The manager then came over the two-way radio and said "I do not feel like talking to any irate customers, I am not coming to the front". CSS Amanda heard him say this, the cashier heard him say this, me and my husband heard him say this, and the people standing in line heard him say this. All this time the cashier is checking us out. So we proceeded to tell CSS Amanda if the manager did not come to the register by the time we paid for our groceries they could void our stuff. She then told him this and his reply was "I am not coming to deal with any customers". So we voided our total, which was $182+. And we went to another store and bought our items. If a manager cannot take the time out of his work day to do his job I do not feel that I should shop at that store. So I called Walmart customer service on Monday and was told I would have an area manager call me back to discuss this within 48 hours. A week later I still have not heard back from anyone at Walmart regarding this. And this was the assistant manager at Walmart 5480 that behaved in this way. I now feel that is felt by Walmart company that is okay and tolerated for their managers to act in this way.

I think Walmart seriously needs to send their managers through better training on how to deal with their customers. I am extremely upset by this and I cannot believe that a manager would so blatantly say that he did not want to deal with customers, especially when I was buying more than just a few dollars worth of items.

Review about: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $182.

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This goes to "nikalseyn" Leaving a buggy like that in another department is Childish and Yea I work for Wal*Walmart what of it! You wonder why you have long lines and your not able to find associates in other departments that why they are putting the *** you didnt want back up or throwing it away because of your childish Antics! Grow up if you didnt want the *** stuff give it to a Employee there Jack ***!


Well seeing as I did not know about My3cents and we are in entirely different states, it would kinda be hard for me to have posted about the experience on the other site. I let the cashier ring me up because she was almost done when the manager came over the two way radio and said what he did.

If he had said that sooner I would not have wasted any more time than I did. I did not walk out sooner because I had already spent over an hour shopping.


There's no excuse for the managers behavior, but I think that you didn't act in a good behavior either. Having them ring up the whole order than voiding it.


I usually walk out of any store if I see more than three or four people in a regular line. I know it will be a long wait.

I leave the cart with the groceries in it somewhere in another department, like clothes, hoping they do not find it until the frozen items are dripping on the ground.

As for Walmart: you should not expect anything remotely resembling good customer service or even a half-bright manager.

Remember, this is Walmart and their hiring qualifications are so low they hit the floor.

I used to shop alot at the local Walmart, but now go to Meijer, who at least have lanes open---at least more so than Walmart.


U ***, customers like you are part of the problem, and your use of the word approximately was too much


If you don't like the wait, put in an application and help out. Be a part of the solution instead of just complaining.

The manager was probably busy managing the store.

If they were that short, he was probably working his *** off. While working his *** off, he probably didn't have the time or the patience to come up and listen to your ***.


But, I am not excusing the manager in any of this. There was no excuse for his attitude either.


Why the *** did you make the cashier ring up your entire order just to void it? What point did you really make?

You sound like you took everything out on the cashier, who did nothing to you. And yes, I do work for Walmart and I am a cashier. I can't tell you how annoying and time consuming it is to void a transaction. Especially if we get someone like you.

Not only that you held up the line, the people behind you had to wait even longer. Way to help the situation.

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