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Haaa Load the cart! It would be nice if they put my groceries in a bag.

Since they have been charging for the bags that shred before you get to your car, I have been bringing my own. I have had cashiers ring in my stuff, toss it in a pile on my bags and walk away once the debit transaction is complete. Last week the cashier dumped all my bags all over the counter, squished them around to make sure I wasn't steeling anything, then proceed to stuff stuff into one bag, hand me my receipt and proceed to the next order leaving me to clean up her mess. Today I asked if the cashier planned to pack my stuff as she tossed the bags on the counter then started piling stuff on top yet again ....

she was very rude and told me that I should help her ... I told her it was her job not mine. She got quite rude and basically called me a b*&ch because I refused to do it and she had a line up. Spoke to the assistant manager -- said he would speak to her but said it was at the cashier's discretion as to whether they will bag your groceries or not.

Guess what STRIKE 3 WALMART. Shopping somewhere else!

Imagine, too lazy to put my purchases in a freak'en bag. Never mind putting the bag in the cart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Good prices, Close to home.

Walmart Cons: That cashiers do not bag my groceries, Employees are not doing their jobs like they should.

  • Poor Customer Service From Walmart
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You're just a typical lazy annoying Walmart customer. Go shop somewhere else if you're that pathetic.


I had no idea that steeling is also the same as stealing.


It's not. In the context in which he/she/it used the word, it is spelled "steal".

I laughed when I read their posting where they are trying to say the British spelling is "steel". This person is either a major troll or a real toerag.

First Born Triplet

It is not, she was called out on her mistake and instead of trying to admit she was wrong she made the whole silly comment about steeling is the British spelling of stealing. She just does not want to admit she is wrong.

First Born Triplet
@First Born Triplet

I think she just likes having her way and not admitting she is wrong. That is why she gave the cashier attitude and got all angry when the cashier called her a *** and after reading more of her responses I don't even know if that part is true, as someone else said she probably made that up to cause trouble.

I don't know if he is acting this way for attention or if she is rude in real life. Either way she sounds like a toerag.



This is part of your reply...

He said that the customers usually do not want people bagging their items when they have reusable bags.

The key word is usually.

That does not mean that every customer who uses reusable bags wants to bag their own groceries.

Usually does not mean always. used for saying what happens, or what people do in most situations.

Most does not equal every. I had idea that steeling is the same for stealing.


You are thinking of your American way of spelling "stealing". The British spelling, which we go by in Canada is "steeling" So before judging me on my spelling get your facts straight. That message is for kr1998. Target shut down in Canada you dweeb.

This message is from first born triplet. So what if I was rude to her. The customer is always right. You sound like the manager and probably are the store manager. He said that the customers usually do not want people bagging their items when they have reusable bags. I told him this was BS. The person behind me told the manager that I was being rude and the cashier never said anything rude to me, and she too basically implied that I am a *** I told her to stay out of this. You being the manager must remember her.

This is for the coward in Texas that cannot even create an account. In Canada we are charged for plastic bags. Anyone who has basic knowledge in reading comprenhension would know this. Your husband obviously did not marry you for your personality and brains. More proof that you lack reading comprenhension is I stated it is NOT MY JOB, to bag my own items. I do not think I am some sort of princess, I just expect the cashier to do her job she is paid to do.

All of of you obviously do not have jobs and lives. Texas hopefully one day your husband leaves you without anything, so you actually have to get a job and support himself, instead of him supporting you while you harass people online with idiotic comments.

Good day to all of you, despite your rude comments I am going to be the better person and wish you all a good day.


LMAO! Hello, Brit here in the UK.

I would like everyone to know that we do NOT spell the word "steal" as in to take something that does not belong to you, as "steel". This person is either really ignorant or is embarrassed and trying to cover up their mistake!

First Born Triplet

While they do put your items in their own bags, generally they don't put items in reusable bags. It was rude of you to tell he that bagging was not your job.

You said basically she called you a *** She did not exactly, and while you provoked her in some way with your sarcastic comment, it was wrong of her to act make that comment Had you not made that comment about "it's not my job" comment.

By being rude to her yourself first, you are a hypocrite for calling her rude.


Do you really expect us to believe you are old enough to drive when you cannot even spell "stealing", and mistake being told to help as rude behavior? You are the rude and lazy one for not helping, and the nest time you shop at Walmart don't forget your crown so they know you are a princess and should bend over backwards and do everything for you and you don't have to lift a finger.


PS, you were rude first, and apparently cannot take rudeness back. You are obviously way too young to be shopping without adult supervision. If you are an adult you should be placed on house arrest and not allowed out in public.


This is 2016, even princesses are expected to act with respect, dignity and grace and do some work. Nope, this is just someone that needs to get off her high horse and realize that the world does not revolve around her.

Someone who basically was not taught manners.

I doubt the cashier called her anything, she probably just made that up to cause trouble. She seems to think she is above others.



At the Walmart my husband and I go to there is not room where the grocery bags are to put a reusable bag.

So the best thing to do is to bag your own groceries when that happens.


But the OP thinks she is some sort of princess and the world revolves around her. It is part of her job to bag her own stuff.

I feel bad for the other stores she is going to (most likely Target). The people have to put up with her attitude. Though I don't think she is telling the entire truth.

She mentioned having a car. With her unable to spell "stealing" and immature attitude she is obviously five years old.


The OP states that Target shut down in Canada. WTF?

There are 133 Target stores currently operating in Canada!! No wait! Could it be that someone was "steeling" and took them all?