I & several people I know have gone home with a filled grocery bag left on the bagging corral because we can't see the bags on the other side of the corral. I suppose the next customer went home with my groceries.

This has happened several times to me. Is it my responsibility to spin the corral around each time to check if I've gotten all my groceries? Also, the self-check out machines are a pain because when I put my scanned item in the bag, the machine says "Item not recognized" & a cashier has to come over & clear the machine.

This happens several times during one transaction. The weight scale also doesn't recognize the reusable Walmart bag that I purchased & a cashier has to come over & clear the machine again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I always spin the corral around or at least lean over to make sure the bags on the other side are empty. It is their responsibly to make sure you get all of your items, but I always double check for myself because the cashier is not perfect and things can be accidentally overlooked. This goes for all stores, not just walmart.

to Anonymous #946502

AMEN! Even my adult mentally handicapped daughter knows enough to make sure she gets everything. She always asks the cashier if that is everything or something to that effect.

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