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I arrived at Walmart to pick up one of these laptops at 11:50 p.m. on 24 Nov 2011 the associate said they could not open or pass out the laptops until 12 a.m.

We waited then at 12 a.m. there was maybe 15 people in front of me waiting. As I quickly moved forward I asked the first associate if these were the 198.00 laptops she said she thought they were 199.00 I said okay moved forward. Then when I was about to get one I asked the other associate if these were the 198.00 (Compaq Black 15.6" CQ57-319qm Laptop PC with AMD Dual-Core C50 Processor and Windows 7 Home Premium item# 007230450) laptops she said no!

I asked her where they were at and she said they "been sold out" of them, these are the one for 388.00 (HP Black 17.3" g7-1219wm Laptop PC with AMD Dual-Core E-450 Processor and Windows 7 Home Premium item#007230464). The lady in front of me walking away asked her how much in surprise the people behind me began to complain. It is hard to believe that I waited in line saw everyone in front of me pick up the same laptop item#007230464 the online ad states these would not be sold until 12 a.m. on 25 Nov 11 and I was about to get mine at 12:03 a.m.

and the ones for 198.00 were already sold out. Who did they sell them too, because no one in front of me purchased this one. I can see if I arrived at 1 a.m. and she said they were sold out however, it was only 12:03 a.m.

and everyone in front of me had an HP box the entire crate was filled with HP boxes. Walmart needs to make right on what they advertised and not pull the old bait and switch on people!

This is false advertising and down right wrong of a company that makes so much money to do. I will NEVER believe anything they put in their ads and will not spend any money in their stores on black friday!

Monetary Loss: $198.

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I went to the Rancho Cucamonga Walmart to get an I-Pad Air Touch 2 that had been advertised (the website stated that they had 4 left) and was informed that they didn't have any. They offered to sell me a smaller (I-Pad Mini) for more than the price of the I-Pad Air Touch 2 though. What a crock of ***!!!!


Again WalMart pulls a good one by selling the guaranteed 1hour $98 television and when you get your card they then substitute another TV for the one they were suppose to sell. I did not want an Emerson Television.

I wanted what was promised and now I am stuck with this not so good emerson. That is nothing but bait and switch!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they didn't force you to buy anything. I hate *** like you that go nuts over black friday. learn how to shop normally instead of on Crazy Friday, crazy person.


Walmart has been using bait and switch on large flat screen TV the advertise on the net pick up at store,This week it was a 55 inch LG for $499 when it came to check out we were informed the store price was different


you have to buy it online for the online price... buy online ship to store.


I purchased a pool from on July 24 2012. I call to check the status of my order to find out they lost my pool and now wants me take a smaller one for the same price.

After being completely aggravated they tell me they found my pool. Well the pool had never been shipped. I finally receive the pool to find out they sold me a used pool and charged the price of a new one. When I called they tell me they can only refund ten dollars of my money for receiving a used item.

Who can I call and complain to?

Walmart obviously does not care. :cry :cry :cry


Picked up the last WAHL LITHIUM ION shaver from a shelf at Walmart and the price tag clearly said \"WAHL LITHIUM ION $34.86\". Went to the cash register, checked my receipt, they charged me $49.95.

The manager of the store refused to honor the deal and offered to refund the money instead.

So many times this has happened to me in Walmart, but the management nor the Customer Service refused to honor a mistaken price, but this time they did. I now increasingly am shopping at other stores and not Walmart.


On BLACK FRIDAY stores only get 10-15 units of each sale item, per store. This year BestBuy and Walmart had 11 per store, Target had 15.

A particular Laptop I was interested in sold out in 2 minutes, according to the Electronics Manager.

I was 5th in line, but since they presold 11 of them to employees they only had 4 left and I was out of luck.

Of course they had 50 of them for another $140 MORE than the sale price, with the exact same specs but different model number. He wanted me to buy one of those.


Tim you're right. My neighbor and I are both clueless. Furthermore the customer is not always right.


Please learn what the term bait and switch means before you use it. If you it is incorrectly you end up looking like an imbecile.

Not to mention you got there only 10 minutes before 12 meaning there was probably already a long line. Next time get there earlier.

@Lack of common sense

I agree, if the item was sold out it is not bait and switch, or false advertising these kids really should get their parents permission first before posting and throwing around big words that they do not understand. They think that throwing around these "big words" makes them sound smart, but when they don't know what they are talking about they sound foolish.


It's not a clearance event at the stores so your neighbor is just as clueless as you. The black friday "tech deals" are units that are manufactured for black friday any given year and are built to be at a price point with something to be flashy such as "42 inch 1080p LCD for 199".

Then the manufacturer does whatever it takes to get that item made that can be sold that cheap, such as why it was LCD not LED, and the refresh rate was low, etc.

You've obviously never actually researched a Black Friday item seeing as if you did you'd realize that the stuff they sell Black Friday has never been in that store before about 99% of the time. (Doorbusters and such, not just discounts on iPad 2's and such)


I personally believe that in this case the customer is always right. Furthermore, believe after listening too my business savvy neighbor, the stuff that people were standing around waiting too purchase was all about hype and focused on outdated electronics in order too make room for more up dated electronics, SCAM, :cry :upset


Walmart last night rocked.....they ran out of the 248.00 HPs and gave five of us the 388.00 better Laptops...we were there at 7pm on.....Walmart rocks also got the 199.00 XBOX with Kenict+ 50.00 gift card :grin


Walmart last night rocked.....they ran out of the 248.00 HPs and gave five of us the 388.00 better Laptops...we were there at 7pm on.....Walmart rocks also got the 199.00 XBOX with Kenict+ 50.00 gift card


It's not bait and switch if they had the item you wanted and were selling it. The fact you showed up 10 minutes before 12am shows an utter lack of understanding of the black friday operations.

TV's under 300=wall of people.

Laptops under 300=wall of people. IF you ahd arrived at say, 10 PM and there was a line with say 200 people, and there was a line with 15 people, the line with 200 people is the one selling the 200 dollar laptop.


they told me they never got them in.i dont think they had them in the first place.


Every year there are too many whiners about Black Friday. "I didn't get my item, wah!". If you don't like it, stay home on Black Friday instead of wasting your time trying to buy an absolute piece of junk laptop that I wouldn't pay $5 for.