Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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I went to a Walmart they had this grill on display for $85 I went to look for it in the box there was a few same name brand more expensive but none like the one on display. I found a sales person she had to find someone else and that someone else told us it was a display model only they haven't ordered those yet.

Tell me something then why the *** was it on display and why couldn't you sell the display model they did that back in the day. But to put something there on display with a great price and not order or have this item in stock instead you have same name brand ones smaller but more expensive isn't that a bait and switch. I could have grabbed one of those boxes and got to check out this could have been much worse. But the fact reminds they told me they got sent a display only but none to sell.

They didn't sell out that I could have understood.

They never ordered them to carry in the first place. They want to to want and then settle for the more expensive ones that were in stock.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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New items get put on display as advertising for upcoming seasons/sales. You sound weird.


I think you are a little paranoid. They will get the item later in the season, the season is just starting.