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i was at Walmart and found a toaster it was a display model that said it was .01 .cent i thought it was my day it was a faberwear four slice toaster i waited for an employee there was none to be found,so i tried to call the store and kept getting cut of,so next i called out does anyone work at Walmart.i believe the guy that came was Jason. i asked if that was the price he said no that it was what it cost them.

and i said the stickers say it cost 1 cent ,his reply was it should not have been put up, it was a mistake, which was not my fault. all he did was take all this stickers down. i do allot of shopping at Walmart and i feel i was wronged.

i think that would be the same as bait and switch.i should not have had to write this and it should have been taken care at the store. Sincerly Terry Oliver

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Most of the displays don't even work. Some are dummy models and others have had their cords cut so they don't work. I know that at my local Walmart the displays aren't even for sale.