Valdosta, Georgia
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i bought a baby shower cake sat 14th and the sides of it was not covered u could still see the choclate cake and the corners of the cake was all messed up and i called and they kep saying the manger was,nt in every time i called the store didn,t even try and help me.then i asked to talk to a store manger and they kep putting me to different people. and i never got to talk to anyone.all i wanted was just to talk to the bakery manger.these people was so rude to me. never have been treated this way at all.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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It was probably messed up in the box on the way home in your car.


I would say you'd make a perfect Walmart employee.

WTG on the spelling!


Haha, my thoughts exactly. Funny!


Well you did buy a cake at wal-mart....duh...what were you expecting at a cheap store....a fab cake. seriously. give it up.


also my dad said the cake mess up was my fault because i licked part of the cake before bringing it home and i did not do this they messed it up and i said i did not to not get in trounle and they said my fingers and lips were covered in chocolate but i oly had a little bit and the corners a bit i had but some they left out because they did it wight everytime i called the manger they said he was'nt in and he was rude when he was in and said the bakery lady said i dropped the cake, so now my parents are oing to have a *** baby becaus they cant kep their pants on i am in troule.