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Okay so this third of November I was caught shoplifting and was banned from your stores for a year. Guess what I don't give a ***. My sister and I were banned. She is 14 I am 13. When my year is up I won't be returning to your stores and neither will my sister. Okay this has to have 100 words. The undercover security guard who arrested me is ugly and so is the store manager, they also smell like dog ***. I still don't have enough words. Okay the the manager's wife and the undercover security's wife is ugly and fat. (Okay I never met them but I believe this to be true. Who else would want to be married to people who smell like dogshit. There 100 words

From Jessy

age 13

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Wow just wow, this kid is a product of our fine liberal public education system her parents must be so proud. Also you are very lucky I am not the security there. I would have made sure charges were pressed and you hauled off to juvenile detention/probation because you obviously have not learned a thing from your crime.


You dirty little ***. I am sure your mom is proud. You need a good old fashion *** whipping.


You are right funny. The corporations are among the few who are legally allowed to rob the working and the non working people alike. There is no limit to the amount of profits they can make and as long as there is a sucker bot around not using his mind and humanity this way of doing business will never stop until we all become powerless slaves of the few masters.


Thanks Jessy. I needed a laugh today and your story really filled the bill.

Please write back again. Sure wish you could have written more than 100 words.

I was laughing so hard at what you wrote so far. Please follow up.


@luvbug13...No the reason you pay higher prices is because the stores want more of your money and use these excuses that are BS to raise prices.You should stop buying into all this corporate american propaganda.


dear Walmart shoplifter,

You should be greatful the people who smell like dog *** caught you now....before your *** ends up in prison...which is where you belong. People like YOU are the reason HARD WORKING people like ME pay higher prices for everything in stores!

The stores have to raise prices because of cheap lazy *** shoplifters like yourself who expect something for nothin.

Do yourself a favor...get a job, sign of for some college classes and be a productive member of society and pay your dues like the rest of us. Trailer park trash gets nowhere.

get a life i agree with josh you guys are dum *** your never going to get any where in life you welfare mother *** go suck a *** *** your dads prob *** the security gurd
:x :( :cry :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :p 8) ;) :grin :)
you guys are all scumbags get a life insead of hanging out in walmart. your *** whit trash piece of ***. :)

I forgot to mention you can just go to another walmart store.I am sure they will not have a wanted poster of you on the wall or anything.They are just trying to scare you.


Yes the corporations in this country want to be the only people doing the robbing.When someone does it to them they do not like it.I do not go into walmarts very often at all.I have only been in one 3 times in the past 2 or 3 years but I have noticed they have more cameras than most banks.To look at the amount of cameras they have you would think they have bars of gold on the shelves and not the cheap junk that is there.

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