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I don't understand this, I was banned from your stores for stealing. But should it not only be the store that I stole from.

They told me that I was banned from all stores for a year? Not that I would come back after how I was treated. But you see I am 19 years old and currently living with my parents and now I have to come up with an excuse to not shop there, because sometimes they take me shopping with them. What about stores in the US am I banned from there as well or is it just from Canada?

I mean I can understand banning me from that particular store.

but if my parents find out they will kick me out of the house since I have been in trouble before and I am setting a bad example for my younger siblings. They said they have three other siblings to take care of and If I set a bad example I am kicked out of the house.

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Don't feed the trolls.


Why not it is fun, and in the case that this really happened, the only thing he did wrong was get caught.


A thief is a thief. That's what Walmart understands.


The only thing you did wrong was get caught because you were careless. The rest is understandable.


Just tell them you don't patronize the company because you don't like the way they treat their employees or something like that. Then after a year say you changed your mind.

If you are going to steal from Target, or another store don't get caught. I know this is a letdown but you will just have to find another place to do your shoplifting.


Agreed that it is a fake complaint. Why waste your time. Nonsense..


To make fun of all the idiots complaining on this site.



Call their Corporate Headquarters and tell them everything you mentioned in your complaint and see what their answer is.


It's a fake complaint.