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at a one day electronics sale. after standing in line for a laptop, a asst. manager came around to everyone in line, counting us and stopped at the woman behind me, saying that she was the last. when we got up to pay for ours the same asst. manager came back up to the same woman and started asking her a bunch of questions about how long she had been there, that she was going to sell the lap top to another customer that hadnt been in line at all.

i felt she was getting miss treated so i asked for a manager and pulled out cell phone to video tape the event. as soon as i pick up my cell phone and opened it, the asst. manager i was talking to started gettig very angry asking me if i had taped her and that she was calling the cops. she then following me out the store, called the cops, had me treated like trash in front of everyone and banned me from the store. but the woman did get her laptop, thank goodness for she is a elementry school teacher.

the asst. manager took all the attention off of her wrong doing and acted like i was a criminal, i asked the cops and store manager to review the store video tapes and if i had one, mine also to prove i hadnt done anything wrong, but the store manager nor local city cops wanted to hear my side or other witnesses around us. i do have contact info for the witnesses. also i never recorded anything just opened my cell phone and looked through it.

i spoke to the teacher later, she said she wouldnt have got the laptop if i hadnt done what i did, she thanked me and offered her support for what had happened. and said she would never go back there again! neither will I! made me feel degraded, embarressed, blood persure shot thru the roof. i felt like i was haven a stroke, talked to me like i was nothing when i hadnt done anything wrong but take up for a school teacher. please what can be done?

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so what is the weather like in your head today? did this happen in a store on earth?

so you think something is happening and your opinion of the situation is correct? mind your business. and no *** way did this teacher even exist.

i need a shovel, good luck. somewhere there is a short bus with an empty seat.


mulch must work for just can't read one. for you said you just looked through you it, you never took a pic or video, so what's the differance in that and picking up a cam.

they have on display and looking through it? anyway if the rules and regulations arent posted at the front door, then do they just make them up as they go alone?


You do understand that inside a store you are under thier rules and regulations right? If you are not allowed to film or take pictures inside the store then they can have you removed.

But this is America and everyone is a victim right? I mean just sue the snot out of them. Get a few million. you got your lottery ticket and everything.

Freaking dolts.


Walmart is known for it's underpaid rude staff anywhere other than Arkansas!

Call the Bentonville Arkansas headquarters and explain your situation, too bad you didn't get anything on tape as I am sure the rude ***. Manager covered up existing security tapes- also have the wittness call bentonville and complain!

Personally I quit shopping at any wal-marts or sams club when Sam Walton kicked the disabled people that sold hot dogs out from in front of the sams clubs so they could sell their own! What greed!

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