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My recent online order: I ordered an item on 1/27/17. On 2/1 I am told now on back order.

Again on 2/3 I receive email "There is a "delay" in your order. On 2/10 I see their website selling this item again. WTF? I chat with Rita R says “Sorry nothing she can do but cancel the order, I can then try to place an order online again for the last remaining 2 items left.

WTF? I have to cancel an order THEN order it again and probably be billed twice by Walmart? WTF? I go out on 2/10 and buy something else.

I CANCEL the order online in MY ACCOUNT, again on 2/10. What does Walmart do today 2/11? Walmart says shipping me the item now that I JUST canceled online YESTERDAY!!! WTF?

They would not cancel order since now shipping. I already filed a complaint with the BBB, Texas Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission for Fraud, you should be hearing from them soon, that way Walmart can say WTF? Please CLOSE my account IMMEDIATELY since there seems to be NO WAY for me to it online and since I guarantee you, I will NOT BE BUYING anything here again! ALL OF MY SOCIAL MEDIA FRIENDS WILL BE HEARING ABOUT THIS "WALMART EXPERIENCE"!

They copy the Airlines: I believe you will be seeing many companies doing this soon. So watch for it. Basically what they are doing is what airlines do but with a twist. Airlines overbook the flight, then want people to get off for another flight and/or voucher.

Well Walmart seems to be selling more items then they have in stock and if you purchased it online, you SUDDENLY become back ordered due to a technical difficulty or whatever BS??? If you decide fine, not waiting for it no more and cancel the order, they say Sorry, it is now being shipped and can not be canceled, so you think you now have to buy it?? BS again! I disputed the credit card transaction as fraud, then Walmart suddenly canceled it from shipping.

They buy Life Ins policy on employees: This is the same company that hires very old and/or sickly people on purpose in order to take out a life insurance policy on them, when the employee croaks, Walmart gets the insurance payout, not their family because the employees don't even know about it. Sleazy company!

Walmart Took Secret Life Insurance Policies Out On Employees ...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Try filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection. The link is here, you may have to copy and paste it in your browser:


Errors in their system do not constitute fraud.