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My husband and I went to Wal-Mart to get some toiletries. He was looking at the deodorants, when an "associate" came up and took the top off of some deodorant.

He put it under his arms and then proceeded to put it down his pants on his crotch. After he got everything "deodorized" he put the top back on and put it back on the shelf. I reported this to management and they didn't seem surprised...nor did they seem to care. I have never purchased deodorant there since, and will never again.

Again, check the deodorant before you buy. You may get more than your maybe a disease.

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Your story is highly unbelievable.


You should've seen what an employee was doing with the douche.


Bogus complaint. Walmart employees don't use deodorant.


Yah, sure he did!


and anonyomous is a *** who follows teens around.


It is true, then someone did the same thing with condoms. He put it on his you know what to see if they fit. Then he put them back on the shelf.


"So sad" is just that. "SO SAD".

Maybe you could spend some time learning punctuation.

And, don't forget your deodorant! You can't hide your ignorance, but you can at least try to hide your smell.


Please give me attention! I'm 4 years old!

Daddy doesn't give me enough attention, so I need to get it on websites by making up retarded stories. Someone please give me attention!


I don't work for Walmart. I just find these ridiculous complaints to be just that ridiculous and outlandish.


Wow, So Sad has to be a Walmart tool/lackey. I mean who else would defend Walmart on every post.

Please get a life you ***-ing loser.


THis story is completely bogus. Thanks for the laugh ***.

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