Please put people who can SPEAK ENGLISH CLEARLY for crying out loud. No wonder Americans dont have jobs you have Philippines and other countries answering calls. Thats why theres a lot of pissed customers.

Location: Seattle, Washington

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"Americans dont have jobs" "In other news, offshore call centers and other money-saving ideas were re-called to the US mainland. Customers were delighted as these additional costs were passed on to them.

" Listen you banal and lame muppet, they keep the prices low so you can afford them by offshoring jobs.

I'm betting you were whining about US jobs as you bought cheap foreign junk from this place. If YOU are so gung ho for US jobs, start a grassroots campaign, tell the corporations you're willing to spend more for everything from banking services to Walmart.


What do you mean Americans don’t have jobs? Employers cannot find workers.

Stop projecting. That is how Walmart keeps costs down, by outsourcing jobs overseas.

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