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Every time I go into Wallmart it is like going to a petting ZOO. There are so many people in the stores that have pet animals.

I can understand service animals with valid papers to back it up displayed on the animal. However I think just to many people are just bringing there pets into Wallmart and their pets are not service animals. They have them in backpacks, children strollers, blankets, inside their jacket and running around on the floor with long leases or none at all. Once in a while you see dog poop on the floor as the owner didn't clean it up.

Also there is such a wide range of different kinds of animals. Like I said a ZOO. I love dogs, and cats but there is a proper place for them and bringing them to any store with a certificate from a Doctor is OK. I have been lucky so far haven't see snakes or donkeys yet.

So all business check them at the door for proper legal certificates to be call a service animal. Keep you pets at home when you go shopping and have come consideration for the rest of us.

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This review doesn't belong here.


How are those people supposed to buy special items like leashes and harnesses? Keep just buying and returning those items until they figure it out?

How about those people who do all of their running errands in one trip? They could have just come from the vets office. What about the environmental factor. Such as having to transport the animal and not wanting to leave it in the vehicle in the middle of summer?

By your logic they should waste gas by running the animal home first or leave it in the car to die. Just saying it’s America and there is no LAW that states a person cannot have a animal with them in public. I will take the random dog poop over the way I see some parents allow their children to act in public. I have seen the worst in children while shopping at Walmart.

I’ve seen them open and eat out of packaged food and just drop a half eaten bag on the floor right in front of their parents. And the parents are either too busy on their phones or completely ignore the situation. When called on it by a customer or a employee the parents lie and say it wasn’t their kids. On the other hand in my experience pet parents tend to be very mindful of their animals.

Yes there are those that do allow their animals to make messes, but those pet parents normally have some grievance with Walmart. Normal pet parents do as you yourself commented, backpacks, strollers, purses. Controlling their pet instead of allowing it to run around buck wild as human children are allowed. Sorry but there is still a big chunk of the population that remembers what that type of behavior got us as children.

A well behaved pet is far preferable then a unruly child. You can’t condemn their right to have a animal with them in public because if you do you end up condemning your own rights! Take a deep breath and try and find some humor in the situation. A public pet is just the way a lot of Americans express themselves.

No different then powdered wigs and stovepipe hats. Having worked in retail I can tell you my store was 100% pet friendly and we never had any pet parents who didn’t clean up any mess their pets made. Besides they are cute and drooly and fluffy and furry. There is a study going about pets in the workplace.

So far they have found that stores that allow animals in have less stressed workers in general. Personally I think it’s a great idea because it allows two people to connect on a more personal level then would normally be allowed by older social doctrines. Example: Employee/Customer.

Now when I have to take my Egyptian mau out in public I get to meet and see new PEOPLE! Just saying times are always changing and you can’t fight change.

to Common sense #1438371

Couldn't agree more. I would much rather see a pet in a store than an unruly child.


Don't think it is really any of your business.

to Anonymous #1438383

Not really anybody’s business to be complaining about anyone in a public place either....

to Anonymous #1439084

This complaint was posted on a public website.So Exactly What did you expect to happen?

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