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Jacksonville, FL, Arlington, Neighborhood Market, on 12/16/15, 19.51, I checked out at terminal#281068781, but the cashier did not pay attention to her job and she was laughing like a horse with her departing coworkers, scanning my own two water containers. I said" those are mine" because I saw she charged me for them.

She said , "Oh, OK" , and deducted them out of the receipt. I took my things I paid for , but I looked closer to my receipt, and I saw she revenged overcharging me for cherries. I showed the manager what happened and she send me to costumer service with the cherries and the receipt. The costumer service representative did weight and scan my cherries and refunded me $9.77 .

What i want you to understand is that, overcharging me was purposely to revenge about the initial issue(the water containers), and who knows what else is going on in that store. You should look into it very close because ripping me off was swift and quick, which means she did that many others time in the past, and who knows how many costumers didn't even catch the scam.

You might have an entire scam going on, because, it seems like was no surprise for the supervisor and costumer serice representative.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: scamed by cashier.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Scamed By Cashier
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This is ridiculous. What was the "revenge" for?

Because you pointed out she had charged you for something that was already yours? The Walmart employee is certainly not going to benefit any from overcharging you $9.77 for cherries. If she did that every time a rude customer said something she'd be out of a job real quick. You are probably not a nice customer judging how you felt it necessary to say she was "laughing like a horse".

It was just an honest mistake, probably carelessness on her part, but nice to hear a walmart employee can find something to laugh about at work. Lose the conspiracy theory attitude and stop trying to get people fired.


That's obviously proof of revenge overcharging! How ridiculous!

It's caused by a worker that dimply doesn't care.


You are seriously deranged if yoj believe in such utter BS as "revenge overcharging". In produce there are ways to ring up an item like cherries...scan the bag or put in the number.

Sometimes the price is different for both. Or she accidentally leaned on the scale....who knows.

Either way I highly doubt it was on purpose especially over something as foolish as your water...get a grip it was an accident.

Maybe your incessant bickering distracted her. Get over it!


Of course it was done on purpose, and Elvis is still alive as well as Michael Jackson, and an UFO is currently landing in area 59. Honey *** your aluminum foil hat and welcome to the real world.