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Im being stalked by security every time I go in Walmart on old national hwy in college Park ga I been shopping at this store for 12 years never ever stole anything in my life I been followed home and in the Marta bus and followed to where I live at now that's stalking I'm really pissed of about it should be able to shop in peace who ever the new security is he need to be fired if they would of been working there years ago they would know I shop there for 12 years spending money they walk around with camo flauge on or neon vest or jeans and Jean jacket stalking you they are going to get Walmart sued big time

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Wow! Not only was he a store security officer, but he was a Vert as well.

I would have simply called 911 and reported that he was following you. That way they could have questioned him and possible scared him into leaving you alone.


He was not a store security. They don't follow the person home. They tackle/shoot the person on the spot if they are resisting arrest.


There are two possible solutions in this case here. First, the person who works for security lives in your neighbourhood and was just going home and takes the same bus as you.

Two, he has no connection to Walmart and is following you around watching you closely so he can rob and or kill you. But I think it is neither and you are just being paranoid.

What did you buy at Walmart. Aluminum foil?


just because you are paranoid and thinking that people are following you and watching you, doesn't mean that they really aren't following you and watching you.

@You Pay Ten Dollar I No Tell you Had Visitor

But security would not follow her to her house.


What makes you think someone from Walmart security if stalking you? If their security people,e suspect you are up to something they may follow you around the store and potentially stop you at the doors if they think you took something but they sure aren't going to follow you off Walmart property. Someone may be stalking you but I doubt it is Walmart security.


That is what I am thinking it is someone watching her to see when she goes out so the can burgulize her house.