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i had done my shopping at jackson missouri walmart and went to the checkouts at 6:30am.a lady named shannon waited on me .i stated to her that at least this store was open this early in the morning.she stated "Yes,and country mart is open too....but the only people that shop there is people on food stamps or rich people,they dont care how much they spend!......i waited for her to check out my items and handed her my food stamp card.she realized she had said something wrong..i continued to load my groceries in my car sobbing,feeling badly that i had to use foodstamp card.i had finished loading my groceries and had returned ask for the manager and spoke to a man named Chad,the assistant manager.he apologized and i had asked him for the walmart complaint number and asked him if he would like my phone number he stated he did not have a pen.i tore off half my reciept and gave him my phone number and name.I asked that he would please speak to the manager and let him know of the events.he stated that the manager would not be in untill later and they would take care of it then.he then stated"well what would you like me to do about it" in a very harsh way seemingly to say as if, i expect something in return.i was profusely embarresed.i explained to the gentleman that i had worked for years and did not want to have to use food stamps but did not have a choice.i have been very very ill for several years and had expenses of over 3,000.000 per month for medicatons and had worked for over 30 years full time and did not in any way take Chad the store asst.mgr. called and said he talked to the girl and "took care of it" i am sorry but i believe the manager of the store should have contacted me and that i should have recieved some sort of meaningful apoligy.this type of demeaning comments were not taken well by my self.i have worked for 30 years of my life very hard,and would indeed rather not have to use food i staed i am very ill and do not have a choice.i am overwhelmed and have a sence of worthlessness because of my illnes and having to reive food stamps,medicare and medicaid.i fell that this situation should have been handled very very differently and feel very sorry for anyone else that had left walmart in jackson feeling worthless and demeened by any of the employees at the walmart store in jackson missouri thank you sincerely susan niswonger 434 south shawnee jackson missouri 63755 1-573-243-0272

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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You are probably having things like this happen to you everywhere you go. You are always the victim arent you?

Maybe you should sacrifice your internet connection so you can get off food stamps.

Ill bet nobody loves you. You're family probably disowned you because you are a whiny old *** and they can't take your attitude anymore.


Susan, I am sorry that you were treated this way. At my store, we would get into trouble if we ever said something like that.

Nobody had to make fun of her.

Blackrack, maybe your sister should teach you how to act. And Jason, it's not like you've never been grammatically incorrect.


Don't be such a cry baby. This is the internet.

Grow some balls. Even if you were not ill you would be on food stamps because your education is limited as proven by this letter.


Susan don't worry about this person she does the same thing on planetfeedback. She likes to make fun of people, especially people with disabilities. She did the same thing to a twelve year old with down syndrome.


i did not write this comment to be belittled on my spelling,nor on my attitude.i work with children every day,and teach them that they should be proud of any state of their means,their color,their gender,or their disability. i do not feel that i have a bad attitude,i believe the person that wrote the comment does.


While I'm sorry that this happened to you, what were you expecting from a place like that? Around here the only people that shop at Walmart are those on food stamps.

I had to use them once myself and I know what feeling like a *** for using them can feel like. However, a company can't pay someone or really do much other than force someone to apologize for being rude and you know that apology doesn't mean anything.


Okay I admit I may have sworn once or twice every minute.


Who the heck cares blackrack she probably has a better attitude towards others than you do. Anyways let me get to Susan. I am sorry that you were treated this way in one of my stores(okay I am just a regular sales person). If this happened at my store the person that made the comment would have been talked to.

I know how you feel, I was abandoned at seven and had to go from foster home to foster home till I was 16 when I had this independant living program(Blackrack) perhaps I spelled Independant wrong and your five year old genius sister can spell it better than me.) There I had to learn how to budget and make every penny count. Things are different in Canada you can go on government assistance which I am on. I am 19 now and by the time I am 21 they will stop because this is program from Child Protection and the government to help 16-21 year old foster kids manage being on their own. They think we are just too lazy to work and are relying on programs.

Chris, I would take your advice you I have never used that word in my whole life. :grin (crosses fingers after saying this)


I have a five year old sister and she can compose a better letter than this. You know the saying no child left behind.


i am trying to get a hold of walmart via 1-800-walmart with no luck..i am still upset that the manager of the store was not notified....i hope that in the future NO ONE will fell discriminated against or made to feel inferior


He didn't make you feel worthless, you did. Don't EVER let anyone make you feel like a second class citizen.

You worked and had taxes and SS taken out. Now you need it.

So what? It's not a hand out.


You should have told the cashier to *** you know shut the fridge up. (Replace fudge with anothe four leter word sounding like duck.)