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On Saturday, we ordered and paid for a $400 lawn mower online via Wal-Mart's Pick Up Today service. We visited the local Walmart store Monday and entered the store at 12:10 PM. Upon our arrival we asked the door person about picking up a (dot com) order, she directed us to the customer service desk. At the customer service desk there were two employees assisting two customers. One customer was returning a car stereo without any of the accessories nor the remote. The store associate was unable to assist the customer and had to call (I believe him to be) a store manager. 10 minutes later the store manager(?) said he would have to go check something out then left. Another 10 minutes passed, finally, another store associate arrived and opened another register. We step up to the register and explained that we needed to pickup a (dot com) order.

Imagine the surprise when we were told that after waiting over 20 minutes, we now had to go to the electronics department to retrieve our order. On our way back to the electronics department we were passing by a empty

checkout line. We told the associate at the checkout that we needed to

speak with a manager. We waited for a manager that never showed.

Finally we left the store at 1:00 PM, WITHOUT the merchandise we ordered

and paid for online. In summary, it is our opinion, Wal-Mart's Pick Up

Today has failed miserably. Unless the goal of the program is to

_iss-off your customers and convert them into former customers, we

suggest the need for some serious improvement.

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Do you buy groceries at Walmart? I was shocked to watch an employee putting away grocery back in the freezer section.

I have actual film of this. My friend and I checked on the groceries that had been put away and the food was not only thawed but warm.

I went to customer service and the manager was actually rude and said, "I doubt that happened." When I told her I had footage of it, she said it was illegal and I could be sued. Go right ahead Walmart, let this hit the press.


Perhaps your email does. Mine said, "1. Print this email, save the Pickup Alert text message or write down your order number. Any pickup person listed below must bring one of these things as well as a photo ID when picking up the order at the store.

2. Go to your store's Walmart.com Customer Service/Site to Store desk during pickup hours, 10am-10pm daily. If there are no Walmart associates in the pickup area, use the touch screen located near the register to call for assistance.

3. Sign for your item(s). In addition to your item(s), you will receive a receipt for your records."

Also a Walmart employee directed us to the customer service desk in the FRONT of the store.


Yes, we received the confirmation email. The email stated, "Go to your store's Walmart.com Customer Service/Site to Store desk..."

I'm with you on that, why would one go to electronics to pick up a gasoline powered lawn mower?


The email explains where to pick up an online order.


The Walmart site to store pick up is always in the back of the store. Did you get the email confirmation? It will tell you where to go to pick it up and FYI why would you go to electronics to pick up a lawn mower?