Saint Marys, Georgia

I went by the fish department to get a new fish for my ten gallon tank. I found three dead fish (two were betta fish) and one betta fish with fin rot.

I took both of the dead betta fish and had to wander around the store until I almost got the the pharmacy section before I finally found two employees talking (not working). I told them I found two dead fish. One didn't seem to care at all and the other made a face of disgust (not my fault you don't care for the animals in your stock).

Wal-mart, you are slowly killing your betta fish with the conditions you keep them in, and the "advice" you give about them to new owners. Bettas need AT LEAST 2.5 gallon rectangular tank with a heater AND filter.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Fish die. It happens.

So do puppies and babies.

Hate to burst you bubble. Maybe they're in fish heaven now along with the salmon I ate for dinner last night.

First Born Triplet

I like your reply.


Your salmon is with the shrimp I had for supper last night. Same with the fish that died at Walmart, all in fish heaven.


Another thing they are doing wrong is putting them in separate tanks, they made some BS excuse that you cannot put two male betta fish together because they fight each other. Where do they come up with these BS lies. This is what reply I got when I suggested they put the Betta fish in one tank.


Get over it they are just fish, that is all, you are probably one of those people that gets uptight because someone stepped on a bug and or because someone goes hunting, bet you are a vegan as well. Human beings starve everyday due to not having enough food.

Your own country sends bombs and missiles to innocent countries and you are upset because a company does not know how to take care of fish.

First Born Triplet

They are correct about Betta fish fighting each other to death.