Toronto, Ontario
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I was shopping at your Rogers AR store. I paid for my stuff and the cashier here was a lot more better than Michelle who is too lazy to take my bags off the caurosel.

This cashier Kaylee, did put my stuff in my buggy after I paid for them. However I told her that I wanted her to help me pack the bags in the car, and she told me that she could not do that. She then paged for someone to do this. His name was George and he put my stuff in the car, but this took a whole five minutes for him to arrive.

Kayle should have helped me put my stuff in my car and handed me my receipt before I left.

After George was finished helping me I went back to Kaylee and scolded her for being lazy and unhelpful and I gave her a piece of my mind. My husband who works for home office will be hearing about this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Firstoff, this incident never happened. Some people on here keep making false posts claiming to be from me. If it from someone with my username and it doesn't list Springdale,AR as the location then it is a fake post.


First off it is not the cashier job to put your sacks in your cart it is not in the job description.. she did the right thing calling for assistance to help you out you are not her only customer he has more in her line


Cashiers can't just leave their register. You aren't the only customer she is taking care of...

She did the correct thing in calling for assistance. Get off the cross, lady, somebody else needs the wood.


MsLea=a fake piece of trash that spends all of her time in her lonely trailer and only leaves to buy fast food.

Jedi Knight Ethan

Blackdontcrack = Mrslea001.


Although this username substitutes a @ for the "a", the other username you accuse of impostering you has no deviations from the spelling which leaves me to believe that the German MrsLea is the same as the Springdale MrsLea.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada=Jedi Knight Ethan


Maybe your husband will realize that, with you as an example of females, he is no longer straight and take up with a nice guy. Then his life would be so much better and more interesting.


Shut up, ***