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Oil change at WAL-MART resulted in engine plug falling out September 30, 2011, locking up my engine. Towed to 2 shops that verified it was a WALMART problem.

WALMART would not honor the claim even though we had bills, towing and AES (Automotive Excellence Service)certifications. WALMART adjustor said oil would have been on the bottom of car- but I was sitting still in traffic and had to get help to push it out of the street. WALMART should honor an honest claim and pay for engine replacement, time and the miserable way in which we were treated.

Don't trust the Mega stores for service, especially for oil changes or tires.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Vallejo, California, United States #1186441

Why would anyone go to walmart for auto work? Common sense!

Have you ever tried to hold an intelligent conversation with a walmart employee?

Who is a fault? The walmart worker, or the id1ot that allows walmart to work on their car?


I worked for a Chevy dealership across the street from Walmart. I was accounts receivable.

I have seen THREE vehicles come through our service department with seized engines from Walmart.

I also played *** getting Walmart to satisfy our invoices...for the new engine replacements. I had to contact the district manager with threats of legal action to get paid.

If there are any other a/r clerks out there...that's what you have to do to get them to pay you...I had to use the same tactics all three times..all three invoices...all three replacements.

to Jennifer Boyd Ferrum, Virginia, United States #1230816

My engine locked up immediately after Walmart oil change, they responded with their version of an expert who was nothing but a joke !! This was in Farmville. Virginia a few years ago and they have since discontinued the practice.


my family owns a service center near a local walmart supercenter and i know for a fact that they have many problems with stripping the oil plug out sometimes its there fault and sometimes its not. sometimes the bolt is corroded into the alum or steel and rips the threads coming out but The manager has said that the employees crank the bolt to tight most of the time.

I will say they send us alot of jobs for oil pan replacement and/or thread repair and they pay the full bill.

Also alot of broken wheel studs . I know of a case like yours that they paid for but it was for the oil filter falling off

I have had nothing but trouble with Walmart tire and lube. First a set of tires started to swell along the weld lines (they said they were fine) until they were so bubbled I went back and was told they were fine again.

Only a picture could describe how bad these were. I was told the evening that I came in they would replace them but did not have them in stock and to come back in a week. A week later a different manager refused to replace them, saying they were just "Normal" swells at the weld seams and go away. About two weeks later they started to tear and you could see the metal fiber starting to emerge.

Finally they replaced 3/4 and the last one a month later.
Then I had my oil changed at a different Walmart. I specificallly told them I wanted 5W-30 in a synthetic blend. Shortly after my engine began making a bad knocking noise when I started it in the morning. When I went back to the ticket I found that they had put 10W-40 in the engine.

Before going in to speak to the Manager about this, especially since the car has never had anything but synthetic blend used in it, I decided to get the proper oil in the engine when I discovered the oil filter was on so tight it started to bend when I put an oil wrench on it, which I have never had to do as long as I have been changing my own oil.

I just don't think it's worth going to Walmart for this stuff again! :(

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