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I took my car to Walmart for an oil change in May 2009, to save my husband the time and trouble of doing it for me. When my husband changed my oil again in October 2009, he removed the filter and found written on the filter the date of 12/17/08 and the initials of the service technician at another auto service center where we had work done (including an oil change) on December 17, 2008.

I was thoroughly disgusted to find out that the Walmart auto service center had charged me for an oil change in May, but had not actually done the work.

I have been driving around for 10 months with the same oil and filter, after paying Walmart to change the oil in May!

We took our receipts, the filter, and our complaint to the manager and he at least gave us a refund, and it doesn't appear that any damage was done to our vehicle because of their negligence. But never again will I trust Walmart with my vehicle in an attempt to save time!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #1342681

A filter change is not always automatic with every oil change. The filter should be good for 6000 miles. It's a waste of money to change it at every oil change.


Will never take my car to Walmart for tires and balance there ignorant don't no what's there doing and take forever with your car


Very helpful thank you,


If you actually ran your car for ten months without an oil change, something was likely to break. I figure they DID the work and you're just being an ignorant *** cause you actually had to pay money for someone else to work on your car cause you're too lazy too. Sorry if you're feelings are hurt, but it is what it is, grow up, find something better to complain about rather than an assumption based purely off of an un-educated guess.

to Anonymous #1041287

You are wrong dumb--- you can actually drive your car for6-7 thousand miles before an oil change is actually needed and the chances of damaging occurs! They say 3000 so they can make money!

So, I believe her completely. You must work for WallyMart.

to Anonymous #1193140

*** comment and true ignorance about oil breakdown.

to Anonymous #1404843

I went 4 YEARS (I know, what an idiot - I was dealing with heavy depression) without changing oil or filter in my Toyota Sienna. I didn't even top up the oil.

When I got around to changing it, I got 2.5 liters of tar coming out. Three years and 80,000 km (50,000 miles) after, it's still running good with 320,000 km total on it.

The point is, "If you actually ran your car for ten months without an oil change, something was likely to break" comment is load of crap.

to Anonymous #1537025

You must have been the lazy technician that didn't change her oil or filter. My experience, they didn't put the oil cap back on.

You are not the judge of humans and have no rite to call anyone names. Thanks.

Waterford, New York, United States #992865

Where did this happen. I have always had grest service there.I will be double checking from now on thanks for the heads up.


I got two back tires at Walmart in November 2014. Was told it would be a little bit.

Well that little bit turned into 5hrs! I was so mad and so were other people as well. Now it is May 2015 and my car was vibrating bad so I took it to my mechanic and he told me there was bulges in the tread and that the tire was defective. He saw that they were new and told me to take it back up to Walmart and have them switch it with a new one since I paid for road hazard.

I go up there and wait 2 hrs for them to tell me they couldn't find anything on any of my tires. What liars! I drove it back to the mechanic and he showed my dad where the bulges were and they are so clear to see! So today my dad is bringing my car back to Walmart and showing the so called mechanics there the bulges.

I don't know if they didn't want to change out the tire or because I'm a women I would believe anything they would say. Never again after this would I ever go back to Walmart for anything on my vehicle.

They should just close the auto section down. I've seen so many complaints all over the US about them.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #838742

Not all Walmart's are bad. Just like with any other chain each location could have its bad apples. If You let the managers know what's going on they will fix the problem and you will have a great Walmart to go to in the future.


I won't use them again either! I went to them to change out the bulb in my headlight..

where this one is located you have to remove my battery...

they didn't reconnect the battery correctly so me and my 2 girls and my grandson were stranded 45 min from home in 20 degree weather.. and all they were going to do is reimburse me the $8 it cost to fix my headlight!

Baraga, Michigan, United States #634655

same thing happened to me, though I found out the same day they did not change the oil filter. I went back immediately and was told that they did not have the filter for my car in stock and I ask then why waste the oil?

I ask store manager and automotive manager to explain the thinking behind changing oil but leaving the dirty filter in and not informing me. They both were appalled and stressed that, that is not the way it is done that they should have informed me and let me decide if I wanted them to continue to change my oil. Really no question they know better don't change oil if you don't have the oil filter in stock to replace the old one. Bad service, Bad decision!

They refunded my money and told me they would change my oil and filter when they got one in for my car at no charge. I took the refund and have never returned for any automotive maintenance at Walmart.

to ditto North York, Ontario, Canada #932425

I do not understand why anybody would want to service their car at Walmart auto centre,you are not saving money by going there,you are burning your money,go to a real garage and fix it right,of course you have to spend a little more money,you get what you pay for,but people do not get it!


I am really mad at the pharmacy because they wouldn't give me extra pain medicine. My doctor gave me a prescription for 30 pills, but I lost the bottle and tried to get more pain pills at the pharmacy.

I even told the pharmacy associate that my husband works at the Walmart home office. After she and the pharmacist said they would not give me my drugs without a new precription, I decided to give them a second chance and would try again in a few minutes. But guess what? When I went back in 15 minutes, the pharmacy was closed for lunch.

HOW DARE THEY?? They should be there to serve the customer anytime the customers wants something.

to MrsLea01 Lansing, Michigan, United States #606205

your *** plain and simple!! :x

to MrsLea01 Louisville, Kentucky, United States #634598


to MrsLea01 #643556

do you really expect a pharmacy to give out prescription pain medication to you without a valid prescription??? they are supposed to risk losing thier jobs because you were negligent with your medication??? get real!!!!!

to MrsLea01 Burlington, Massachusetts, United States #677672

God forbid they have a lunch time.

to MrsLea01 #702002

I applaud them for not giving you extra pills. It is illegal to give prescription medication without a prescription. Your negligence should not require them to break the law.

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