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Saturday evening I went to Supercenter #4574 to return a 49" LG TV that I purchased from this location only a few days prior and had a receipt for. When I arrived, the cashier unboxed and unwrapped the television and called over the manager.

The assistant manager of this store, Zach (who refused to give me his full name), took one look at the TV and said that the sticker (photo attached) on the back of the TV, which has the serial number, had most certainly been tampered with. He told me that the TV that I brought to return was definitely not the one I had purchased. He went on to say that people take serial number stickers off of televisions at Walmart all of the time and put them on different televisions to try and return for money. He basically called me a thief and a liar and told me that there was nothing that he could do to help me.

I called LG (the manufacturer) to inquire more about how he could have possibly determined that the television was not the one I bought and if there was any other way to identify the TV other than the sticker. The LG representative informed me that all Zach would have had to do was plug in the TV and go through the menu to locate the serial number. Zach took absolutely NO action to verify that the TV was in fact the one I had purchased. Zach (a white man) took one look at me, as a black woman, and decided that I was a thief attempting to defraud Walmart.

I called back to speak to Zach and informed him of what I had learned from the LG representative. I advised him that I would be contacting the district manager as well as the corporate office to let them know how HORRIBLY I was treated, called a thief, embarrassed in front of other customers and employees, and labeled a criminal at first sight with absolutely no attempt to verify my statements. Once I informed Zach of my intentions to go over his head and report how I had been racially profiled and labeled a criminal, he quickly changed his tune. He offered me to come back to the store to receive a full refund.

Upon my return (which was very inconvenient to drive back and forth as I live 30 minutes away) I was given a full refund and a $50 gift card. The fact that Zach decided to abide by Walmarts policy and return my money ONLY AFTER threatening to go over his head is a clear indication to me that he is fully aware of how his behavior was extremely unbefitting of an assistant manager and how wrong he was in treating me like a criminal. I believe the gift card was an attempt to appease me so that I would keep quiet about what went on. Zach did not even bother to come out when I arrived and I was not offered any type of apology from Zach or anyone else.

As a longtime customer of Walmart, I am very disappointed, hurt, and embarrassed by the events that took place that night.

Hopefully, after reading this message, someone will look into the way Zach is treating customers at this location. I for one, will never return to this store again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Some managers get this big ego and think they are helping with thieves when in actuality they are hurting the business and breaking a customers trust.


Right on the money.


I think that Zack should immediately be fired from working at Wal-Mart.

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