Mount Laurel, New Jersey

I recently had Wal-Mart auto services install a battery in my car. After a few days the car stalled and had to be towed to garage.

The mechanic found that the wrong battery had been installed. It was too high, it overheated and welded the hood latch shut as well as caused damage to the underside of the hood. The cost of the damage was $490. I had the Walmart receipt for the battery and installation, a receipt from the mechanic who fixed the damage clearly stating that the cause was the installation of the wrong battery, and pictures of the damages.

I submitted these to Wal-Mart's claim management company (CMI) and my claim was refused. They blamed the manufacturer of the battery not the *** who installed the wrong one.

I will pursue this in small claims court since Walmart doesn't take responsibility for its mistakes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Installation.

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NEVER go to walmart for an oil change. The idiots there couldn't even put the oil plug back on properly.

oil leaked out as i was driving 30km after the fact and i was on dry and the whole engine is scrap now.

they are getting some random mechanic to determine the problem now, which is *** because obviously its all theyre fault. never, ever go there.




i as a former employee of the tire and lube express at wal mart want to warn people dont use wal mart i was hurt and on pain meds and was out changing oil on cars that cost more than $40,000.00 wal mart dont care if your sick drunk or hung over my coworker would be hung over after half gallon of vodka the next day and still out changing oil the store maneger told me it was not any of my concern what his employees did .so over half the people there are on somekind of pain meds even door greeters so BE WARNED AMERICA

#34332 some cases, in my opinion...

but they need to take extra precautions on who they allow to service vehicles...

my friend had a simple oil change here and they didn't put a part back on correctly and it hung too low and broke off, she got it fixed in another state and returned to the walmart here, and they reimbursed her the full cost of the repairs/replacement of the, had money in hand in less than 20 minutes...

in my case, i took my own car in (different state, more than 10 years ago) and 2 weeks later i found that i had a cracked head...i find their shoddy service at fault (no they didn't crack it) b/c no one mentioned that my oil was milky when they drained the old oil...changed it and just let me drive off like that...