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I went to Walmart looking for box springs, I was told they did not have them in the stores and that it would have to be ordered online, I went home and proceeded to purchase my item, it stated that it would arrive on 03/09/18. Which was great because I was off that day so I had it shipped home instead of the store how I originally planned on having it sent.

As soon as my payment process went through the date changed to 03/12/2018 knowing that no one would be home I tried to change the delivery location to the store with no avail, I had tried to reach someone that whole weekend and nothing. We work, no one will be home till late night. Finally I find a way to leave a half as complain but it only allows a certain amount of characters. They finally call me, and when I expressed my concerns and how I felt lied to they tell me my package is schedule for the 03/13 again no one home to baby sit a package, they told me it was now out of their control and I had to go through Fed ex, I called fedex and they are saying that I had to take it up with the shipper (Walmart) and I spoke with at least 5 different people from both fedex and Walmart and none of them could help all they kept saying is that all I could do is now cancel the order and replace it and have it shipped to the store.

No one took responsibility and then all they offered was 10% refund for all this inconvience lol 10 freaking dollars not even 10.00. I am beyond annoyed and frustrated with their lack of customer service and accountability!

If you read this DO NOT SHOP ONLINE!!!!! Worst customer service ever!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Maybe you should take responsibility ???It says right there on the website prior to check out "ESTIMATED" delivery date. I will never understand people who hand over their banking/credit card information without fully reading things first.Seriously though, if your on such a regimented schedule why would u even opt for home delivery to begin with?

Those dates are not a guarantee ever. At least 90% of my shopping is done online between walmart and amazon and Amazon is usually 2-3 days early, Walmart is usually delivered the day it estimates.

I have had times when it got hung up in shipping because of an error at the post office, and other times when things got pushed back much farther after checkout because things were on back order. Of course alll of these situations are covered in the TOS/FAQ sections of the sellers and shippers websites.Entitlement is so hard!

to Anonymous #1444879

Listen you, I did not want to do it online. I went to the store to actually purchase these items but was told the only way to do it was online.

Call me a bit of old fashion but I like to deal directly with people. But since it was the only way to do it I did it. I do not shop online, I was going by the information provided to me & even then as soon as I seen the date change after taking my payment it was *** to get someone to assist. Like I stated some people have nothing but time on their hands I on the other hand don’t and if the option has been available I would have gladly stopped in a store to get my Item!

I can not understand how people would rather deal with computers then live people.

I get it times are changing but this was more hassle than expected..... Customer service has gone down the drain!

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