Bluefield, Virginia
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Grocery bags are so cheap now that I have to Tribble bag everything, double bagging gets the grocers from the sales counter into the buggy, but not into my vehicle the bags are so cheaply made even walmart employes complain about them. We'll any I used to double bag everything now I have to Tribble bag even the smallest items.

Walmart should take an example of Kroger or food city grocery bags, even the dollar store has more stronger bags that won't tear apart.

How cheap can one get. We'll that is all I got to say about walmart cheapest grocery bags.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Triple means times three. Tribble is a fictional ball of fur alien that invaded the Enterprise in the episode "trouble with the tribbles". Which do you actually use on your bags?


You really should learn how to spell, capitalize, and punctuate. You wouldn't have to complain about the plastic bags if you would go green and use the reusable ones.

That being said I live two blocks from a WalMart and have carried double bagged groceries home, walking, and haven't had any thing fall through the bags.

There is something completely wrong with your complaint. I have a hunch you just plain don't like WalMart and that you are trying to cause problems for them.

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