Re: Items have been canceled from your order -445214*-724573 I purchased a Bible from another agency due to the cancellation of my order on the Walmart app, etc. It was the last Battlefield if the Mind Bible that the warehouse had.

It may have been a computer glitch. I lost two book orders due to poor data quality, etc. The app erased the first Huck Finn paperback with a boy in a boat alone going left. I got a different book that I didn't want.

I now love Amazon.com as they are fully stocked of all emergency and necessary items. Thank you for your inquiry about the missed Bible order. It was timely and subtly disguised as a notation of a missed order! It shows diligence.

Please note: Also, I ordered women's underwear and got children's size 10 underwear from your warehouse.

Sincerely, Mrs. Nena Hampton

Location: Los Angeles, California

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