Kokomo, Indiana

I was there at 4 AM for a sale that started at 5 AM knowing very well I may not get the item I want but I didn't even get a chance since they basically sold them at 2 AM.

Walmart needs to go to Meijers for some extensive training. When they say the sale starts at 5 AM, it does. And there's no pushing and shoving. They are able to keep the crowd under control.

I consider what Walmart did as fraud and there should be something we can do legally so the big corporation can't do it again.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Same thing happened at a walmart here, except they started handing out 5am sale items at midnight.


My boss prommised me a promotion if I wronte netative letter on another company now he gave the promotion to someone else. Anyways Meijers is the same and I am reporting this manager for bribing me for a promotion.