Roseburg, Oregon

I am disabled and don't drive so it was pretty impressive to me that i could still shop walmart and have it delivered to my house. The site says that it would be delivered to my house, at least that what it said..

I had ordered things before and, yes, they came here to my home.. one month, i ordered five items.. The smallest package did arrive here less than a week later.. Then i received an email stating that two of them had been returned because of an address mistake..

I called and was told they had gone to my p.o. box instead.. i told her that their advertising said to my home and that it was false advertising.. I was so mad that i canceled that order..

A few days later i went to the post office and guess what was there.. The canceled order that had, by their records, been returned.. A week later, another order had bypassed my home address again and was sent to my p.o. box..

I didnt even check to see what was in the box from I use an electric wheel chair and my only working hand controls the joy stick.. The unopened box was returned.. I had talked to many representatives at and was assured that it would be home delivery as the site says..

Being disabled, this was important and very impressive to me.. Well, at least the thought was until I actually dealt with them.. Why did the smallest package come to my house and the biggest ones go to my post office?

I will NEVER deal with again nor will i shop their stores any more.. FALSE ADVERTISING

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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So what address did you put in the system when placing the order?


If you obviously go to the P.O. box just pick the stuff up at the P.O. box.


The shipping companies sometimes ship orders a certain distance using their own company and somewhere along the line they turn the package over to the post office. I have never had any trouble with this happening.

Why on earth do you use a home address and a Post Office Box? The problem is that the packages that the shipping company turns over to the Post Office, get delivered to your Post Office Box.

It isn't WalMart's fault, it isn't the shipping company's fault and it isn't the Post Office's fault. You just plain have two addresses, and if you would get that corrected your problem would be over.