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On occasion, When I get home from shopping at Walmart, I find that several of the items I purchased are missing. They are payed for according to the receipt, but are not in my groceries.

This happens regularly. The cashier usually will dutifully spin the bagging station around to show me all the bags have been picked up, or to make the last bag to be picked up visible. Still, I will find my received items are less than my purchased items.

It seems more likely to happen when I make large purchases. Because this happens regularly to me, I am sure it must be happening to other shoppers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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It happens all the time. Love to know how many things are put back on the shelf. Be nice to know how much money is made in a year by not giving the customer their purchase.


I cannot reply to you directly, but Tempa Bat I am 17 as well just so you know. No one is stalking you, you simply did not hide your location.

Neither did I, but if you don't want someone knowing where you live than choose to not disclose your location, simple as that.

I did not really mail this to your manager, frankly I have better time on my hands. If you do get fired chances are it is because your other co workers are reporting your abusive and bullying behavior.


Exactly I never even contacted her manager, and frankly she cannot sue me if she posts and brags about how she is harassing he coworker, I know most companies have policies against this and you can get fired.


Harris it is pretty *** if you are out to get me fired by stalking me and finding out my location. If I lose my job because of you I will sue you, and Mike firstborntriplet is correct I do work there, read read read before commenting.

First Born Triplet
@Tempa Bat

He is not stalking you, it clearly states your location when you post. Besides you cannot sue him if you are actually doing these things as you claim.

You are basically harassing and bullying your co worker so you can get fired for that.

@First Born Triplet

Well said, First Born. I think Tempa Bat is the one with anger and stalking issues.

Maybe they need to do a bit of growing up, too. I know I check my own bags and everything around me before i leave a store. Please Tempa Bat. Sue away.

The judge will take one look at you and throw your dumb@$$ in jail.

Why? Why not!


Growing up, you have nerve telling me to grow up, and as for harris he is the one stalking a 17 year old girl, imagine a grown man stalking a 17 year old girl online.

@Tempa Bat

You should get fired! As a matter of fact, I hope you do.

YOU CAN'T SUE ANYBODY! You're the m-o-r-o-n who decided to post on a public forum about your issues, albeit I'm guessing there is a mix of mental issues with you as well, but that's another day and time. Your company has the right to check the internet to see what you post and you can get fired for that. That person is probably messing with you, but you're too $tupid to realize that.

I hope they did send all that to your boss. If I have you pegged right, you probably go around using your ghetto name so I'm pretty sure your boss will know it's you.

If you had your head out of your *** you too, should have used "anonymous" as your name. You have no recourse, dumb@$$!

First Born Triplet

I agree with you MattD78 but the person posting the complaint seems to work there and it seems she and her friend are trying to get the cashier fired.


This has happened to me, I realized items were missing when I was putting the bags in the car, I quickly went back and ask the cashier about the bag with paper and 3 packages of pilot gel pens over 17 dollars in merchandise, she with a blank look on her face said those where yours I gave them to the woman behind you....they replaced the items. Now, since it only takes one time for me to learn a lesson I don't leave the register until I have checked the carousel and the bags to make sure I have everything I purchased. :)


Regardless of whether or not the customer should double check to make sure they got all of their purchases, which I agree they should, it is the cashier's responsibility to make sure the customer received all of their bags. They should not just be spinning the bags, they should be looking to make sure the bags are empty as they go around.

If this happens again call the store and ask to speak with a manager or a csm and let them know what happened. They will ask for the operator number from your receipt and they should have a log for this sort of thing and if the same cashier's are shorting customers again and again then they are held responsible.

At least that is how it works at my store. If they can prove you had a left behind ( by watching the cameras) more than once in a month at any timethen they get a coaching.


If the customer was six years old yes I would agree with you, however this customer is not six years old and refuses to take any responsibility for not double checking. The customer needs to bring a babysitter along since they are unable to check to make sure they left with everything, I mean come on this keeps happening, even a child would know that if this happened once or twice they should check their bag, I agree with harris I think who said that this person is slow if she does not realize this.

I seriously doubt the cashier will be held responsible because some adult cannot act their age and passes on blame. I also seriously doubt that the cashier will be getting multiple complaings(unless Terry keeps going to him or her) because most people do double check, congratulations you are allowing Terry to continue acting like a child by passing the blame on to the cashier when it is Terry's responsibility to check her bags in the first place.


You are wrong that is not how it works, as I said it is the cashier's responsibility to check that the customer picked up the bags. There is this one cashier I work with at my store that I don't like at all, I always make sure to leave things behind when I go to her line, and then I complain that she did not give me all my items, she got coached for it after they checked the cameras and I am hoping to get her fired, don't go around correcting me and telling me how the cashier is not responsible, they are responsible.

The best way to get a cashier fired is to purposely forget your items and then call the store and tell them that the cashier did not give you all your bags, always go to the same cashier, and have your friends go to the same cashier. At my store if they can prove that you left an item behind an item she can get coached and eventually fired, so if you go to the same cashier and leave items behind on purpose, and get your friends to do the same you can get the cashier fired in no time if you don't like her. Of course they have their favorites since the cashier I was doing this to is saying I am bullying her, this is not the case, she is just jealous of me because I have more friends than she does.

I got coached for disrespecting her, but she hopefully got coached for not telling me I left bags behind which I purposely left behind. You may bash me for leaving them behind on purpose but remember it is part of her job to make sure I have all my bags.

@Tempa Bay

Hey just so you know I found an address to the Tempa Florida store and forwarded this review as well as the mailed a copy to your manager, I had to call long distance to get his name but it was worth it. Now he knows that you are purposely setting this woman up to get fired.

@Tempa Bay

Wow, way to show how mature you are. "Rather than check my own bags, I'll work to get the cashier fired".

Just another great example of me first customer is always right mentality. The cashiers spin the carousels because after they bag up your groceries on the two empty bags and fill them they then need to spin it for two more empty bags.

At this time it is YOUR responsibility to pick up the two full bags and carry them or put them in your cart. Frankly if I were that Walmart store manager I'd tell you don't come back because the cashiers are busy enough without you playing childish games.


YOU should be watching that all of your purchases are going into your bags and that all bags are handed right back to you. Never trust some of these dingbat cashiers.


Even my adult mentally handicapped daughter knows enough to make sure she gets everything she has paid for before leaving a store.


Next time take a parent shopping with you so that they can remind you to get everything you paid for, if this happens all the time and you can't figure out to double check your purchased items than you are too young to shop on your own. I know you want to feel like a big boy or girl, but clearly you are not mature enough to shop on your own if you cannot accept that part of the responsibility is yours, the cashier is not a babysitter and does not need to tell you to take everything you purchased, grow up and admit that part of this is your responsibility.


Check your bags before leaving the store.

First Born Triplet

Sometimes the easiest solutions are hard to think of. :grin In Canada we don't have those spinning things at our walmarts just counters, either way if this always happens to the OP should they nor figure out that perhaps I could check that I left with everything before leaving the store.