Billie is very rude! She's the girl with short blonde hair and tattoos everywhere.

When I was getting my things checked out she ignored my questions but thought it was ok to tell my 5 yo it was "cool" to get tattoos! Let me explain that to my child!!! She should be fired! She should not be allowed to work and show off tattoos let alone show them off to someone's kid and tell them it's cool.

Her breath smelled like cigarettes too. How about use a mint if you're speaking to the public? i was disgusted!

Fire her!!! Out of there!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Um how about GO TO A DIFFERENT cashier!! If you did not notice the tattoos as you approached the line then that tells me they were not as many or as visible as you claim.

Also I don't think she smelt like cigs as bad as you claim either and agree with the old geeser (no disrespect) you put that in to bolster your complaint or your just stereo typing (tat's equal smoking drugs etc etc).

You CANNOT fire any1 based on those reasons alone so i'm afraid your rant is moot.

TIP: sheltering your child does more harm than good EDUCATE your children don't teach stereotyping and "it's not ok to be yourself"!!

I feel bad for your child when they grow up and figure out what the world is truly like. It is your DUTY as the experienced parent to prepare them for whats ahead.


I agree about the portion about the review regarding the cigarette smell. However, tattoos are accepted in certain workplaces and that does not give you basis to fire someone or want them fired.

Regarding Walmart I know in my area they ask you to cover them up, and as I work in an office setting I cover up my own tattoos. Regarding the telling your child it is cool to get tattoos... how much harm can a random person telling your child tattoos are "cool" do? I am a father of two, my kids see my tattoos and they are well aware of my stance that they will be well into their 40's before they are allowed to get some haha.

All joking aside this just sounds like an unprofessional individual WITH tattoos not a person who is unprofessional because they have tattoos. Just my two cents. Should she be fired?

Possibly, I would in the position of a manager have a meeting with her and explain policy. Mind you this is Walmart and management is terrible.


So, being you had apparently found the things you needed and/or wanted what in heck type of questions did you have to ask the cashier. I don't like tattoos, but they aren't really any of your concern, as long as they aren't on you.

While you were busy yapping and asking the cashier questions how do you know that your little angel hadn't asked her about the tattoos? Apparently you were so busy yapping you wouldn't have noticed if your kid had asked her a question. If her tattoos were visible she wasn't showing them off to your overly protected little angel. You do know don't you, that there is such a thing as over protecting kids?

What harm is seeing a few tattoos going to do to your kid?

It also isn't any of your business if she smokes and actually I think you threw that in as a little extra ditty to your complaint, even if it wasn't true, just because you didn't like the cashier. Like I said I don't like tattoos but I would rather know somebody like that as long as they were decent people than a prude like you and I am 75 years old.

to Anonymous #1007063

Wrong. That cashier is a representative of Walmart and should look and smell her best, especially dealing with public.

A lot of people don't like tats and cig smoke, I for one. I agree with that customer. Walmart really doesn't care who or what they put on as cashiers.

Being around for 75 years you should know that. Walmart doesn't care.

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