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Laptop advertised in paper ad and on Internet from Walmart for $549. Found out can only order on line.

Click on ad and took me to Walmart's site showing advertised laptop, but no place to place order. Called to order and emailed with no help-only runaround. They acted like they did not know what I was talking about-even though I sent them copies of ads. Refusing to honor their advertisement-want more money for laptop now-$699.

Sounds like a bait to me.

This is the way Walmart treats the "common person." They seem to think they are entitled to do things like this and do not think twice about lying. I have ads and their emails proving this.

Reason of review: Would not sell laptop as advertised.

Monetary Loss: $549.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Cons: I did not like they blatantly lied.

  • Fraudalent
  • Not Honor Ad
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I wonder if they didn't go on sale until a certain time like the rest of the sale items.


I checked that out. In the ad it says "all day Thursday".

When I communicated with them they told me all different times so I checked every hour from 1a.m.

on Thursday morning until 10 p.m. and then the next morning when I called them again.


I thought that also so checked every hour but never changed or came up


I tryed to buy a laptop at Walmart for the HP for 159.00 sale doesn't start until 8:00 p.m could not find these anywhere in store on display .Every employed there just said they moved them but know one actually did tell me after speaking with at least six employees including customer service . and finally they said they allready sold them all before 8:00 pm when sale started but with much persistence I was lead to speak with a third assistant manager he located 5 more in back room and it wasn't the same model but he made it right for me and I must thank him for this mike.

Thanks for doing your job as best as he could for me the to other managers basicly said your *** out of luck to bad they should be fired for the way they treated me one for sure was just rude to me as I tried to stay calm .

overall Walmart screed up big time there were more people upset than just me that's for sure . Needless to say in was a extremely stressfully night I was there about 4-5 hours asking for help!!!!


If you read the ad it states that availability is based on the store. They don't all get everything that is in the ad.


It also states very clearly that it is only available at


Most if these posters have the intelligence if a six year old and do not know how to read.