Atlanta, Georgia
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This process is seriously flawed. I was told to pay for the items that I purchased and then go online to finish buying them.

This process did not and has not worked as of now. If they made me pay for these items in the store why didn't they make the process simple and register me right then. Its crazy that they gave me these coupons after paying cash because they had ran out of the item but if I had got one of the items I could have put it on layaway.

This process sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This had to be thought of by someone that was not thinking.

Monetary Loss: $316.

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I also had a problem. I called my local Walmart and someone helped me through it

Use this :walmartblackfriday1-hour guarantee gift card.

It should bring you to the register site that looks like the gift card. Once you submit your card# info it will get your name and address info.

Hope this ishelpful! Have a Merry Christmas1


This process worked out great for me.... went around the store and picked up all of the 10:00 pm specials I was looking for, then went and got in line for the 32" T.V.

this line moved rather quickly as they were giving out cards at this time. Had no problem registering my card on line.


You must not be thinking. It's simple, it was you paying the blackfriday deal price on the item(guaranteed might i add) for a giftcard then going home and using that gift card through a specific link on the back of the card selecting the item you had your eye on and waiting for the email saying it was done and when it would be in store for pick up. as for the site being down that was to be expected just like the tons of people in store.


My tv card worked perfectly! I was happy to at least get a 148.00 tv.

Stop complaining and just go back to the store tell them that the cashier had no idea what they were doing. It was so nice to wall out of a packed walmart without a huge item!


This is how I feel about not being able to get online. They herded us like cattle, gave us a piece of cardboard, made us stand in line for an hour and a half to put 150.00 dollars on a walmart card so we would spend that money there on groceries.

Because we're never going to get the merchandise. This made us miss all the other sales and just spend money in their store. Boy they aren't. *** are they!

We all must have given them a good belly laugh, and laugh all the way to the bank for them, as if theyneeded more money. You live and learn don't we

@feel like an ***

dummy, they cant do that. i paid for my tv and they will either give me a refund or the tv before christmas. simple as that.


The 1-Hour Guarantee card redemption period has been extended through 11:59pm PST Friday, Dec. 7


I,too, thought they should have made the process easier. BUT, I was having problems logging in like you are.

I just kept refreshing the browser until it worked. (There must be too many people trying to get on the site to do this at the same time). Once there, though, it asked for a card number and pin. I had no idea you had to scratch off the back of the card to find these numbers.

After calling the number on the back of the card and looking online, I finally found out how to do it. I just pray that it went through because it says you won't get an email for three days - and by then it will be past the deadline! Good luck!

Keep trying and don't give up. That TV was worth it!