Pharr, Texas
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I went to Walmart around 11:30 on Thanksgiving because my local ad stated the sales on the items I wanted wouldn't start until midnight. However, before even entering the store, other disgruntled customers told me they started selling the Kodak digital camera I wanted for $49, along with the copier/

printer/scanner made by Hp that I wanted for $19 a lot earlier so that the people who got them were already waiting in a long line with the goods in their hands WAY before I even got to the store.

If Walmart advertises stuff sold at midnight, I expect those sales to START AT MIDNIGHT, not way before.

On second thought, maybe I should have stayed in the store to buy the a.m.

deals starting on Friday at 8 a.m....but HUH, those deals are probably all gone as I write this, too. I am *** for even trusting Walmart to begin with!

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It's a fairly simple concept to understand, not sure why people are having such a difficult time getting it. If people stand in lines for hours to get the items and you people come rolling in at midnight, why do you think you should get them rather than the ones that have been standing there for hours?


The items have not been given out, but spoken for, by that time. You're just too late.


Once there are enough people in line to buy all of the stock a store has of an item, what difference does it make when they give them out? Either way, aren't getting one.

They probably do this to avoid a stampede of idiots at midnight. But what does safety matter when you need some cheap junk, right?


Agreed. Went to get a Xbox 360 package that was advertised to go at midnight.

Even went to the store earlier in the day to figure out the line/ticket situation for getting them and they completely lied. Xbox's were sold out by 10...


same thing happened here. complete ***.

they sold all of the tvs i wanted by 10, when the ad clearly stated that it didn't start until midnight. walmart really *** us over.