I am so pissed off at the fact your sale was supose to be from 5am to 11am and your stores gave out tickets at 3am in the morning. I had to work at 6 am and i was at one of your stores before i had to go to work and sent all over the store before fianlly some one told me the nintendo ds were all gone at 3 am.

To me that is false advertisement and it is rude to your customers. I spend alot of money at wallmart but i tell you that i will be shopping else where because walmart does not deserve my buisness anymore.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216586

The thing Wal-mart should have posted is no Jewish, or Black shoppers. That way the items would not be bouth them.

They like to buy things cheap because that is their natue, that is why despite going on Thurdsay 10 pm neither my mother nor I cold buy the items. I blame the Jews for ths and Wal-mart for allowing Jews in their store.

Warrenville, Illinois, United States #216541

I did the black Friday shopping at Walmart and was not a happy camper. I went there for 3 specific items and only got 1 of these items.

I arrived at 10pm Thursday night and hunted down the locations of where my items were that I needed. My mother was at another Walmart 30 miles from mine and look for the same 3 items and were not also there.

Walmarts ads were not truely honest and it was totally a false advertisment. This is how they get people there and I fell for it....


Our Store DOES NOT open at 5 am it is open 24/7 and our local ad said the Black Friday Sale on Eletronics was 5-11 am. I walked out of our store at 3 am without purchasing a darn thing off them and gave my money to Kmart, Target, Big Lots and other stores..

Their ad was CLEARLY FALSE ADVERTISEMENT as they handed out vouchers and Bracelets to secure an item for the eletronics for people to purchase by putting a reserve on them around midnight here.. Walmart will tell you clearly if you take a comptetitors ad in if it has % off or is a coupon ad.. We do not honor "GIMMICKS" well this was the biggest Gimmick ad they have ever put out..

and because of it they lost my purchases to other stores Black Friday Morning... :(


yep, I got up late. And Yep the computer I was after was gone by 5 a.m.

So I am not really complaining. I would like to make a statement. "I know walmart isn't going to say they didn't meet expection's this quarter". If so, then it your own fault.

As I read this board and like I thought the morning I walked out of walmart with 50 other people empty handed. Walmart you missed ALOT of sales. Walmart...walmart...walmart...with the big disbutation centers in most metro areas. When you run ads for black friday that you know are going to be HOT.

Order order and order more. Then have some system that diesels are lined up at the disbutation centers ready to roll to stores. You got the people there make the sale...and guess what yea you my not make much on the sale item, but while waiting in line to pay...I am sure I would have picked up something else.

I know ole sam could come up with a solution when he sees that he just missed hundred of thousand in missed sales. Yea, if you don't make this quarter expections...its you own fault!


Get over it... Pay full price for it if you want it that bad!


I was terribly upset when I arrived at wal_mart store 1107 at 4 a.m. to search for the items I wanted and found they let shoppers pick up the sale items put could not purchase them till 5 a.m.

What was the purpose of placing ads in papers stating the sale did not start till 5 a.m.

Items I wanted were already gone. People were sitting in the check out lanes waiting to purchase items that were not suppose to be on sale till 5 a.m.


WHILE SUPPLIES LAST....common sense. The first in line will get the product.

5am is just the time the store opens. Get over it and stop being cheap...you probably havent paid your bills but you are whining about not getting a ticket for a sale.

This was to prevent a stampede and prevent people like yourself from standing in line only to not get the product you wanted. simple.


UMMMM....of COURSE they are going to give tickets to the the first people in line. 5AM is just the time the *** store opens.

Walmart doesn't have an endless supply of TVs....duh.

It's not false advertisment, it's called trying to prevent a stampede. yeah...i thought this was common sense :roll


That is how Black Friday works, most people know this. Don't complain because you slept in too late


Retailer, how do you know that's not the only thing that kids getting this christmas. Furthermore, who's kids are you feedig ***.

On the net with your tiny *** in your hands. Hating on parents trying to make there children happy.. Forceing people like me to dEviate from the point of the site.. Pissed off consumers....

Retailer.. Your a ***


I'm sure your time could have been better spent helping and feeding the poor and homeless at 5 AM rather than running around looking for a *** game! What values are you teaching your obviously spoiled kids?

That if you don't get the toy of the day you will pout and write to pissed consumer that you will never shop at a particular store ever again? Try thinking of a poor child covered in filth who would just like to know that he will not go to bed hungry that night the next time your toy is not available.

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