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November 27,2009,arrived at local walmart store 4a.m. wanted to buy a computer on sale.

asked where to get the tickets that were supposed to be issued at 5a.m. was told by an associate that the tickets were issued at midnight and people came back to pick up computers at 5a.m. I was furious because I had already gone online and the computer was instore only. Got home called manager and she said that what I said was not true.

I was thereat 4a.m. and no tickets left.

Any suggestions? I need the computers christmas.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Suggestion? Get to the store earlier than the people who got there earlier than you and were able to get a ticket.


Went to a Walmart Supercenter yesterday to get the $178 HP PC, and indeed was told that the store only had 30 of them to sell, there were thousands of people waiting (hence the Supercenter). I think it's better to pay a little bit more, but at least if one waits for hours and hours, or even days, one should be able to purchase items such as computers that have been advertised everywhere for many days, if not weeks!


11/27/13 I went in the store early like a manager suggested and told that they only had 5 tvs that they had been advertsing for weeks. I will never go into that store again!


Walmart and these companies that are offering super great deals are committing fraud and getting away with it. Walmart has a 1 hr guarantee except it takes 2 hours to get in to the store at 4 am.

Fuckem all and go for the deals at 11 am. At least you won't be wasting your time.


I went through the same *** today. If they would of said come in for vouchers at midnight, then I would of had to plan to come in at/before midnight.

But passing out vouchers before the sale should be fraud because they are truly unavailable during the sale hours and anyone who walks in the door at the beginning of the sale.

At least if they closed and opened the door at a specific time and perhaps formed the same type of interior lines inside the store at opening, it would give everyone a chance at the advertised time and people looking for bargains would have to make a choice of what to buy, rather than have their friend or relative give them a bracelet.


:( :( for one i went to black Friday at wall mart call 2 hour a head of time they told me that one person person all so they wear going to give the bands out for the laptop at 2:00 am when i got there i was told by one of the staff the bands have been giving out all ready she for one lie to me be cues she told me they mite have some left i found they only had 24 wal mart should of had more then 24 of them laptop she put ad all over the place :( :( i was in for 12:00 to 1:00 to find out that they wear all gone wal mart need to stop blowing shot out there butts and make a better plan last year black Friday at wal mart well they keep there doors close until 5 am this year they keep there doors open yep people's are right wel mart is just after that all might droller or how many people they can get in there to get there ad they put put but when people come there it all gone so they have to buy some thing eles next time i am going to best buy f wall mart :( :( :? :? :?


a laptop for $298.00

maybe that should be a redlight,stop buying junk that last 6 months


The ad in Florida stated that the sales would begin at 5:00 am. I arrived with my family at 3:30.

I had hopes of geting a laptop. The sales associates told me that there were no more tickets left by 1:00 am. I was (and still am) pissed off. So I waited near the laptops (In hopes that they would have a few left over) Watching people go through the line, I realized that there were only about four laptops left, and about twenty people still in line.

Multiple people who were given the laptops didn't even have tikets!

Then people swarmed the pallet where they were being kept,and started taking them! (Needless to say I didn't get one) My point is: There was ZERO advertisment that vouchers would be needed in order to just wait in line for the item!



first of all everyone should know they want people in the store they use black friday to get you there ,when i see 1 person carrying 4 laptop should tell you something



I agree !!!! One per customer wut a crock !!!

Huge inventory....order to store.

wutever !!!


well agreed its bull but not the reasons i see most complaining about... what are you going to tell consumer protection about, that you didn't get your way?

can't complain about qt. when they give no specific number of anything. on top of that, they have no obligation to carry 13 instead of 10 so you get one too, lol, that's ridiculous. but i do agree they should not have been allotting out products before they were on sale like that without advertising they would.

its not good customer relations or satisfaction i'm sure even for the ones that get the item. but on the technical side (and i know you don't wanna hear it) they specifically worded the ads as so to protect them from this. the electronics "SALE" (not allotment) starts at 5am but they could have allotted them off 4 weeks ago if they wanted and been covered. and they could have sold them as "non bf deal" same or not same black friday price at anytime before 5am and been within their rights.

plus most of the ads out there just say 5am... no time zone. all of this on purpose to protect them.

sum: misleading - sort of (only by customer ignorance as with all deals... they gottta make money), fraud and legal complaint - no :( and trust me this comes from a pissed off, no new 2010 laptop having "concerned citizen" good luck


For those of you who defend this act of horse ***, you're *** in the head. Nowhere in the flyer did it state that inventory vouchers would be available prior to the sale.

Had they printed that, then fair is fair, first come first serve would have come into play. And let me say that the one per person policy was a crock of ***, I saw one person with 4 *** laptops. I hope someone steps up and calls these rat bastards out. I would have gladly shown up at midnight for a voucher, seems as if the only ones that knew were the homies of the walmart employees.

Hmmm, interesting isn't it? See a pattern here?


First come first serve. If someone decided to wait for black friday from 6pm the previous day, and they passed out tickets at 12am, they would have gotten them.

Not you. Had they passed them out at 5am, they would have gotten them. Not you.

Its about who gets there first, not who shows up. retard.


:( :x flew all the way from the U.S. Virgin Islands to visit my family in atlanta georgia...went to walmart's blackfriday sale at 3am by the time I get instore the $298.00 HP laptop is gone didnt they advertise that the sale starts at 5am...

so why in thee *** is items sold out way before 5am???

boy was I disappointed and pissed off I tried another walmart before it turned I got there it was the same old story one of the workers told me well honey pregnant ppl been standing in line since 12am...dann she just got me upset even more...had I known I could of been in the store since that time I might have gotten the chance to get a laptop...I trieds for the $69.00 kodak camera not even that I went home with I left walmart sad and disappointed!!! I will be writting the headquaters


Black friday at walmart or target, never again for me. Just a scam to get more in the door.


They had them on hand. They were avalible, you just didn't get there early enough.

The whole point of Black Friday is to advertise good deals that will soon run out.

Everything is "while supplies last". You're all just a bunch of cheap whiners.


I agree that complaints need to be filed. I arrived at 2am and was put in a line, told I could not have a cart, told we could not get other merchandisse and could not leave except for 1 restroom break as long as it was less than 15 min.

Others had family members grabbing other doorbusters, as many as 15 or more of each item and nothing was done by anyone. Got pc because I happened to pick the only store in 30 mile radius that recieved more than 5, but EVERYTHING else was grabbed by people by 430am. I live in the 11th most populated area in the country, how can you have only 2 or 3 of an advertised sale item for 1000s of customers?

Will NEVER shop at walmart again, avoided before and I refuse to now, horrible experience! The only reason I didnt leave is that I was getting it as a favor to a friend who is disabled and couldn't go, but I bought NOTHING else, they will not profit from me!


Same thing happened here in NY. I arrived at walmart before 5 am to get in line for the laptop...when I walked up to the people behind the line to ask if this was for the laptop they said they are already gone "we got the last 2".

Apparently walmart started handing out tickets at midnight and laptops were gone by 2 am...Im royally pissed and will be filing a consumer complaint! I definitely wont be shopping black friday there again.


It's true. You, along with millions at not only Walmart, but other stores, have been scammed. As long as the stores had some computers in stock, there is really nothing you can do. You can file a complaint, but you will probably told that there's nothing that can be done.

Plus, I'm not a big fan of Black Friday, so I don't go shopping until later, if at all that day. I think it satisfies some kind of hunting instinct we as human have.

I wish you well in finding what you need. :)


Please, Please everyone file a complaint with consumer protection in your state.

What we all need to do is file a complaint with consumer protection in the state we live.

I already did in Wisconsin. They had 10 laptops at the Plymouth Wi Walmart store. They are baiting people in hopes of pulling off the switch where you by a more expensive one rather than leave the store without. If all they ever had was ten in stock it is proof they never had any intention of having a ample supply on hand.

All big ticket items at walmart were only 10 on hand. That is fraud. Please complain as I did to consumer protection in the state you live. Stood in line for over an hour and they were all gone in 20 seconds.

Handed to one customer at a time. All 10 I was number 13 in line.

We can bring them down. I have used consumer protection before and it does work if we can get a few dozen complaints.