I went into Walmart Jackson AL for Friday 26th sale. Computors were all gone and tickets had been issued prior sale time. There was no advertizement that Wal Mart would be opened all night and issue tickets prior to 5am sale time.

I found the manager and brougt to his attention. At first he said tickets had not been prior issued, so I went back to people with tickets in line and verified.

He probally thought that I had left as was still at same location. I told him there were people with ticks and to follow me. This was verified. Some of these people were appeased with an upgrade, but when these were gone that was all. Being that I did not have a ticket, I did not have a chance. I wish we have competiton to WalMart in our small comunity, as this would give me the opportunity to do business elsewere.

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I am sorry so many ppl feel they were scammed, but if you have ever been out all night on a black friday b4 you would realize that THIS is how it works! Retailers are not going to just give us an awesome deal and deliver it to our comfy beds.

to S***bkmom2 Fort Worth, Texas, United States #914343

Who are you a nasty smartass manager who could careless and give the tickets to your friends and family is that how it wors ***!!

to TNCowgirl Orange, California, United States #914400

You must be six years old to ASSume that because this person makes a valid point that they are the manager in question. Yeah with your terrible spelling and grammar and name calling you really are six years old.


Boo freaking hoo....good...all you whiny crybabies stay home and leave the good deals to the people that can actually think for themselves!!!


Happened to me as well! It was a scam.

How would people have known about *** tickets! Walmart think they are slick, trying to fool people, they don't tell you because they figure if you come there looking for the deal and they are all old out, you will buy another one there at regular price! Not!!!!! I went to electronic express and got an even sweeter deal!!!

I will not waste my time going to walmart for their scam deals any more. All they do is clip ya.lol...

to Dee Nashvlle Tn Fort Worth, Texas, United States #914344

Will not go back to Walmart thats for sure they lie!!


I can't believe all of the bellyaching going on here. How is it not fair if people were willing to stand in a line for 5+ hours to get the laptop, tv, etc.

while you were sleeping in your nice, comfy bed. Everybody knows how crazy things get at all the retailers on "Black Friday" and therefore should plan accordingly. People camp out at Best Buy for days at a time and you weren't even willing to stand in a line for a few hours. The ticket system is nothing new.

Stores have been doing it for years. Maybe next time you want a "doorbuster" you will consider sacrificing your time for the deal.


The tickets are handed out before the sale so that there is no mad rush for the items when the sales do start. If the sale says that it starts at 5am, it does just that.

The items cannot and will not ring up at the sale price till 5am but that does not mean you cannot get a voucher for the item early. I have seen lines for these items start as early as 5pm on thanksgiving. the tickets are also given as a safety to our customers and associates. An associate died last year because a walmart that was not 24 hours opened their doors and people trampled him.

If a laptop or a tv is worth someone's life to you than you are not the type of people we want in our stores anyways, and you wonder why some associates are rude. You will be treated the same way you treat us. I dont get paid to be nice to you, they honestly dont pay me enough. The adds are very clear about when the sales start and that there are limited supplies, its common knowledge that there are going to be lines for an item on black friday, its like that at any store.

If you arrive at the store at 4:50 for a 5am sale and expect to get that item you have lost your mind. There are no scams or lies just pay attention and dont expect us to do everything for you. As far as the time differences mountain and est, if its not midnight in your area then i guess the item wouldnt be on sale. ITS NOT MIDNIGHT!


Stop blaming us for your problems, blogging about a company who is not going to call you back because you waited to long to get your cheap laptop on black friday, they are not going to call you! Stop complaining and get a life.

to heather Fort Worth, Texas, United States #914345

A reguglar nasty smartass *** at Walmart another reason to not shop there!!


I placed an order at 12:31 AM for an item that Walmart advertised online and in paper on sale at midnight Thanksgiving night. But Walmart would not honor their advertised price.

I placed my order in EST and their system did not register midnight until 3AM my time.

None of the mail or email ads I received told me that my 'midnight' was not the Walmart advertized 'midnight'. Deceptive!


Same thing in Cedar Rapids IA!! Got to Walmart at 4:55 AM, went to electronics, EVERYTHING WAS GONE!

Seen somebody I knew there and was told she got there at 10:30 and they were handing out tickets then!

Funny thing is I went back today (Tuesday) and found better deals than I did at 5am black friday! I'll be filing a complaint as well!


ALL Wal-Mart ads for Black Friday stated that certain "Doorbusters" were going to be available at 12:00am. Not their fault you can't read.


same thing in san diego, C.A

but you had to stay there the entier night. I got there at 1o:30 pm on thursday and did not get my computer until 6 am!!!!!!!!!! so many were pissed off and i was jsut really tired!


adding to the FACT this is a scam: why did i (who did by the HP one for $100 more) have to wait to get my ticket at 5 minutes before 5am ???? no handing out tickets at 10-11pm the night before to friends is a S C A M. and it wasnt one store it was ALL THREE in area.............and from these comments I would say all over.


SCAMS. The E-machines Laptop (only 25 per store) the walmart associates handed out tickets between 10:30 to 11:30pm, (that right unlike the rest of us didnt have to stay all night til 5am) the night before, interestingly enough I have three walmarts in my area I went to all three between midnight and 1:30, all the same story, we handed out TICKETS (no line no waiting, they got to go home and sleep) no later than 11:30pm the night b4 black friday, then come back and get in line to pick up b4 5am.

I had several in line checking out, WASNT it interesesting how they all had FREINDS and FAMILY working walmart they were saying thanks and goodbye to? SCAMS TO THE PUBLIC.

those tickets were handed out to friends before black friday. all three stores i went to, one in Jacksonville florida One in Orange park and one in Middleburg florida (all within about 15 minutes of each other)


Not to mention eMachines computers are ***, so you aren't missing out on much.


Wal-Mart always has such bad service... I don't know why anybody bothers to shop there.

Anybody who wants a really expensive item and goes to the store on black friday expecting it to still be there is out of their mind.

by all means, go shopping on black friday, but you shouldn't be surprised if the item you want is sold out.

If the item you want is sold out, don't consider it a scam. Blame it on bad management at wal-mart and the madness of black friday.


Same thing with the Walmart in Milan, TN...I went to get the $198 Emachine & the $198 laptop and was informed at 12:05 a.m. (I walked in store at 12:02 a.m.) that the laptop & tv's were both already sold out.

I asked how in the h*** do you sell out in 5 minutes of the items when the store wasn't even supposed to be open until midnight. I was informed by the sales lady that tickets were given out at 10:30 p.m. and they went ahead & opened the doors early due to the crowd. That is so unfair.

I did get the HP Laptop that was $100 dollars higher because my son really wanted one for Christmas. I have filed a complaint with the Corporate office & reported them to the Better Business Bureau for false advertising.


I arrived a Walmart at 11:30pm Nov. 25th ready to get inline for 2 e-machine laptops and by the time I found the line I was the 30th person in line it was about 1:30 and 15 tickets were given out and the sale that was advertised at 5:00 for the electronic was all sold out before it started???

False advertising. Wake up Walmart I don't think this is legal.


I called at 8:00am on Friday to corporate customer service. They took my name and phone number and said they would investigate the issue.

I called back 6 hours later to ask when I would be contacted. I was told they had no record of my earlier call.

They could not let me talk to a supervisor, and gave me a District Manager who not only was not there, but did not have an answering maching. What a crummy way to operate a business.

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